Who here has been on Soylent since the beginning>>>

Who here has been on Soylent since the beginning and still drinks Soylent?

What version{s} are you on?

Are you happy with what you’re on, or are you looking for something else that fills a specific need that Soylent isn’t meeting? What is that need?

  • I’ve been here since the beginning and have tried versions 1.0 - 1.5 Powder and 2.0 Liquid but haven’t been on it in a while because it doesn’t keep me full long enough.

I’ve been here since the beginning. Was an original backer. Started drinking it regularly at 1.0 and haven’t stopped since; 1.6 made me look around for alternatives, but I decided to switch to 2.0 so I stayed with it. I’ve tried every version except Coffiest, Nectar, and 1.7. I’ll order a box of 1.7 soon to try it out. (I can’t drink caffeine so I won’t be trying Coffiest, and I don’t care for sweet so much so I probably won’t try Nectar either).

Update: Didn’t like 1.7. The things I disliked about 1.6 are still there. So I’m staying with 2.0.


I was an original backer, Ive tried most of the versions. Havent tried 2.0 but Im currently drinking 1.7 and its the best version so far. No more texture issues which was only a small problem for me but more importantly no more brutal gas. Only things I would request is more protein and some flavor options.

I’ve been doing soylent from back in the diy days, tried all up to 1.5, stuck with 2.0 for simplicity, ordered the new flavors but haven’t been home to try them out yet, gf seems to think they’re OK and she’s picky

I signed up about a month after hearing about it on the Colbert Report. During the 6 month backlog I used Schmoylent for about 25%-50% of my calories.

My first shipment was one of the last 1.3 shipments so I only had a weeks worth. Somewhere in the 1.4 era I stepped up from 2 boxes to 4 boxes/mo. I’ve been on 4 boxes/mo ever since (except for a few notable outages on RL’s part).

When 2.0 came out I tried that and I like it although it’s a tad pricey. For a long time I was getting 4 boxes of powder AND 4 boxes of 2.0 every month (I consume 2800-3000kcal/day). I eat normal food 3-4 times a week in social settings.

The most recent powder outage forced me to get reacquainted with Light Fuel (Shmoylent) and the newer Schmilk. I’ve decided I like the taste of Schmilk enough to increase my chocolate Schmilk and decrease my 2.0 although I still get 4 boxes of powder a month.


Not to drag things off-topic, but are you enjoying being on Soylent 2.0, or do you miss the powder? (Or both? Or neither?)

Ahh the Colbert Bump, me too. I recently rewatched the video and he seemed kinda an ass to Rob, who seemed to just counter with data.

Then Colbert dumped a crapload of chocolate syrup in his glass and didnt’t drink anymore. I dont think I ordered any until the next hear, tjere was a crazy back order, but the seed was planted.

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I really like 2.0. It’s at least as good as the powder in most ways, and it is more convenient, but I don’t like the higher price. Powder is cheap enough that I never feel bad eating it, if anything it saves money for the family, but 2.0 is more expensive than the food I’d eat otherwise so I have to consider it a luxury.

BUT, since my daughter likes cocoa 2.0, I probably won’t switch back to 100% powder. Anything that gets her to eat a better breakfast is worth a little money. :slight_smile:


Original backer. I used to get it shipped up here to Canuckistan via a reshipper. I switched from powder to 2.0 as soon as it came out because I wanted the convenience (I found the powder to be somewhat time consuming, plus the texture was less than desirable). Haven’t looked back. I still grab a bit of powder occasionally, just for backpacking trips. Currently, I buy 4 boxes per month, 1 of each flavour.

  • Yep, backed the crowdfunding campaign on day one. Someone I know on Facebook had linked Rob’s original blog post (iirc in a critical manner, but I was intrigued).
  • Mostly 2.0, Coffiest for breakfast, I’m trying to drink more 1.7 but 2.0 just tastes so much better. Probably going to reorder some Cacao for variety, probably not going to reorder Nectar unless I like it after finishing the first box. I’m probably 50/50 on Soylent and other foods on most days. I miss Food Bars; I used to eat at least one a day.
  • I’d rather be on powder for lower waste, higher efficiency, and lower costs, but I think that probably won’t happen until they add some better flavors or at least match 2.0’s flavor.

Haha the Colbert [Report] Bump (rip :frowning: ) here as well! I don’t remember how far along that interview was in the Soylent process but I know had Powder 1.1 for sure.

I would go off and on the powders from 1.1 to 1.3 sporadically. I’m pretty sure I never had 1.4 powder.

I’ve been a 50 - 100% Soylent user ever since powder version 1.5 / 2.0 post-mold drink (the actual percentage I consume is a day to day thing for me, meaning Soylent might be 50% of my diet today and 100% tomorrow and 75% the next day… no set schedule or anything… it is [almost] always the first meal of the day for me though). My Soylent subscription order at this point was almost all Powder and 1 box of 2.0.

I got the Food Bars right away and loved them and ordered them until their discontinuation. My Soylent order at this point was almost all Powder, 1 box of 2.0 and 1 box of Food Bars.

After but unrelated to the discontinuation of Food Bars, I finally ordered a MealSquares sample pack (10 meals). They were okay but kinda blah/boring. This is kinda when I realized I think I prefer the liquid diet to whole foods (for these types of lines of food products). Although, the liquid diet does not fill me up as much, especially when being super active. A lot of times I’ll drink 400 calories of Soylent and then be very hungry again 2 - 3 hours later, but I guess that makes sense since you are supposed to have 5 servings if going 100% (as opposed to normies who eat 3 main meals a day).

Never trying Coffiest, don’t do caffeine or coffee stuff. Ordered a box of each of the 2 new flavors. Like them both. Unsure about keeping a subscription of either. I still really enjoy original 2.0 / have yet to get bored of it and I get it at a cheaper price so it looks like it’s pointing me towards just keeping my original 2.0 subscription (1 box, plus a majority powder subscription).

As for other products, I have been thinking about trying out Joylent for many months but have never pulled the trigger. Schmilk looks interesting as well. But overall, I’m pleased/content with Soylent stuff.

Original backer here. Put in the order the minute I saw it. Told the wife and she called me an idiot and told me I was going to die. :slight_smile:

Since I had to wait months before 1.0 shipped, I immediately started doing DIY (People Chow). 1.0 through 1.5 gave me “horror farts” so I would order a box of the latest version, make the house unlivable for a day and then go back to DIY. 2.0 came out and I went 100% on it. Felt bad about destroying the world slightly more than if I was using powder. Finally 1.6 came out and it was great as well. Had a couple weeks of 2.0 since I couldn’t get 1.6. Finally 1.7 came out and life is good again.

I’ve had a horrible diet for about 40 years before Soylent came out. I have no proof, but I think it is adding years to my life. I’ve always felt like an idiot for my eating habits, but now I think I just might be ahead of the curve. :slight_smile:


I never really had a bad diet or anything before Soylent (although Soylent is still way better than how I ate before it), but I did have a [semi]serious unknown stomach/abdominal/esophagus related condition for 4-5 years before Soylent. I have no proof / cannot prove that Soylent has anything to do with this, but around the same time I started Soylent I started getting better and better (after years of being a patient at UCSF and Stanford Digestive Health Centers)… and presently I feel like an almost normal person again, or at least very close to how I felt for the first ~25 years of my life. Plus, now I’m taking zero of the medications that have been prescribed to me over the past ~5 years.

Sidenote: I’ve been mentioning Soylent to my doctors the past half dozen or so times I’ve been to them and I always had to describe it to them because they don’t know what it is / don’t understand it. I had an appointment at Stanford yesterday and they were very knowledgeable about it this time and recommended my continued use of it so I guess it is getting even more popular.

Apologies for thread jacking.


Original backer here, ordered enough to get a pretty early shipment too. Been on every version of the powder, but 1.7. The substitute to the 2.0 liquid let me try it, and I think it’s probably worth the extra money just for the taste. I didn’t expect the pre-made drink to taste that much better, but I’ve not been happy with the last two versions of the powder (1.5 and 1.6) I’ve tried. My 1.7 subscription is supposed to ship on Friday, but I’ll probably change to the “Original” flavor Drink.

I’m definitely healthier. I ate fast food for lunch, and microwave meals for dinner for 15 years. I like food, but most days it’s just the fuel to keep me functioning. Anything requiring more effort than hitting the drive-thru or pulling something out of the freezer was too much. Not only is Soylent easy to prepare, but it doesn’t even take any time to eat.


Forgot how much stuff I used to add…Caffeine or pepper extract. Splenda or honey.

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I’ve been looking up the Soylent timeline. The Colbert Report interview was on June 11, 2014. The first week of May 2014 is when the first ‘official’ shipment orders for Soylent 1.0 went out.

1.1 = October 2, 2014
1.2 = November 10, 2014
1.3 = December 11, 2014
1.4 = February 25, 2015

I’m positive I had Powder v1.1. I remember originally first time buyers and non subscribers (I didn’t do a subscription until later on) had to wait like 6+ weeks for their orders. So I think I might have caught the (or one of the) last shipment(s) of 1.0 but I’m still not positive on that.

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I ordered on Aug 19, 2014… so I guess it was 2 months…
Received on Feb 19, 2015. (1.3)

@brm415 no worries… I was curious too so I looked it up…

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I didn’t mean to frame that like I was questioning your quote (you didn’t give specific dates or anything and Soylent shipping capabilities were awful at that time), so sorry if that is how it came off / was interpreted.

Was more just doing it out of my own curiosity for when I officially began this journey. I should search my emails for my first Soylent order confirmations since they don’t show up on my account page. My account page only goes back to March 6th 2016 for whatever reason.

Been here since the first blog post about it almost. I remember when the kickstarter was started. But since I am from Europe… well only had some 1.0 and 1.4. I am hyped about trying some 2.0 with the flavors, but I can’t afford to import it right now :frowning:


And here is my first order confirmation email:

Thank you for placing an order with Soylent!

We look forward to shipping your Soylent 1.0 as soon as possible, but please note that your order may take 10-12 weeks to ship. If you have already received a Soylent shipment and are reordering, your reorder should ship in 1-2 weeks.

If this is your first Soylent order, a starter kit (2 liter pitcher and Soylent measuring scoop) will be shipped to your address a few weeks prior to your Soylent order. You will receive a shipping notification email for your starter kit, and another when your Soylent order ships.

So I guess I did have 1.0 at least once. I ordered 4 days after The Colbert Report interview. It was $85 for 7 bags w/ no subscription at that point.

Ahh and this email ~4 months later:

Thank you again for ordering Soylent, the new way to easily eat a nutritionally complete meal. Since you ordered, we have shipped over 1,000,000 meals of Soylent.

Demand for Soylent has exceeded our expectations and unfortunately this has resulted in a temporary ingredient shortage. We regrettably must revise your estimated ship date to 4-6 weeks from today.

Shipped ~2 months later.