Who is having only Soylent for dinner?


Who is having only Soylent for dinner?


I’m actually having my first glass right now, which for me is dinner :slight_smile:


Another muggle meal for me…Grilling steaks tonight!!!


It’s breakfast for me, but I am currently having some ***s***oylent :wink:


I’m gonna eat Soylent for dinner tonight…

Some nights I eat muggle food… but I’m in the mood for Soylent.


I just had my Soylent for lunch. Since I’m going to be good and follow their advice to not jump straight in to 3 meals a day, I’m planning on having a farewell-to-food Hot Pocket tonight.


I’ve been having it for dinner about five nights a week, no more frozen dinners for me!

I usually only eat two meals a day, and there’s a pretty good cafeteria at work. Last week it was breakfast on Saturday and dinner on Sunday, all in all it’s been about half of my meals.


I have many times… though for whatever reason usually it’s night when I find myself craving something else to munch on, so last night I also had a bowl of cereal.


Interesting tidbit to watch for in case it impacts you at all… my gal has found that she absolutely can’t eat Lean Pockets anymore because when she does she will be in the MOST foul mood ever in the hours afterwords. Never connected it before Soylent of course, but now they are an absolute non-starter. Has tried them on two different occasions since we got Soylent 5.5 months ago and both times… instant hell. Of course it could just be something specific to the “Lean” variation of them, no way to know with certainty. But it’s ugly.


Only had Soylent for a few nights, but I’ve mostly been using it for breakfast/lunch. Dinners taste good but it just seems so less satisfying afterwards compared to Soylent.


More like a farewell-to-your-colon tonight. Am I right?