Who ships Soylent from where?


So far I have received soylent from two different locations. I would like to have a reference for where my next order might come from. There is at least one other topic opened because someone wasn’t sure where their order should be coming from.

Shipment in FedEx delivery manager.
1409 South LILAC AVE.
951 686-0896

The shipment label printed for the delivery from California showed the same info in delivery manager. The phone number provided to FedEx is a fax number from an old location: http://virtual.nglog.com/about_us/rialto.pdf
A newer PDF of the rialto distribution center linked from this page ( http://www.nglog.com/about-us/locations ) shows a matching address and different phone number.

Shipment in FedEx delivery manager showed
Bob Witmer
Lancaster, PA US 17601
717 285-6200

Shipping label showed
700 Indian Springs Drive
Lancaster, PA US 17601

The sender information associated with the tracking number and shipping label of the shipment from Pennsylvania does not match. This shipment seems to be coming from http://www.jaygroup.com/

I’m thinking there is at least one other distribution center people should be expecting their soylent to ship from. Any ideas?


They currently have two distribution centers. So I would expect continued shipments from one or both of them.


This is the correct answer.


Are all batches mixed at the same factory, but then sent to distribution centers for shipment?


For now, yes. Though they’ve said they will be using multiple copackers in the near future, at which point you may see new distribution centers start shipping as well.


The odd thing for me is that I’m in California, but one of my shipments was sent from PA. (All the others were sent from CA.)


I’m in MD and my shipment came from CA