Who wants to talk to a reporter about Soylent?


Hi all. My name is Dylan and I’m a reporter for Business Insider.

I’m very much a Soylent fan and I’d love to hear from people who are already making it part of their lives, whether it’s in addition to other eating habits or it’s now the predominant constituent of their diet.

The best way to reach me is always email — dlove@ businessinsider.com — but I’ll be casually checking back here throughout the week in case you’d prefer that instead.

I hope you get in touch, looking forward to talking to anyone interested.


@vanclute could be something for you


The first rule of Soylent is that you do not talk to reporters about Soylent.

Unless they share their recipe.


I haven’t yet received my soylent order, but I’ve been ‘eating’ mostly 100%FOOD which is a Soylent competitor, and a similar style product. If you’re at all interested in that kind of experience – not sure on your article’s direction, but speaking to the fact that there are alternatives and other providers starting up doing similar things to soylent – might be interesting. (Same with a lot of the DIYers, I’m sure).



I’d be happy to talk to you Dylan, have already spoken to Yahoo Finance and have no objection to doing more interviews. Drop us a line if you like either here or through our website, www.IamSoylent.com



Guys, we need a new sticky thread topic…
When reporters come calling, who should we direct them to.
We could make a fine list of our most honored Soylent Pioneers.

Then we could just direct them to the appropriate thread.

EDIT: I’m not sure what happened. I suggested a thread for our finest list of honored Soylent Pioneers but that someone got edited out.


No one say anything about the other people here that have farting problems with Soylent in the interview :wink:


Sure i would like to give thoughts and feedback. i also know that IAMSOYLENT would be a great person to look at. he has a youtube channel about it and he is quite interesting with his reports. i am new to using soylent but i have been backing for 7 months and i do have lots to talk about on how other people (non soylent backers) view this and how most people take it. id love to get out some clarification of what it is


I’m happy to talk to anyone as well. One month of exclusively Soylent was pretty neat.