Whole wheat flour for Carbs?


Hello Good people of Discourse.Soylent
I’m trying to make a Soylent recipe (on MakeSoylent, private for now) based off the Hackerschool version. Since I’m in Vancouver, Canada, Oat flour isn’t a viable option. What do you think of whole wheat flour as a replacement? I’ll have to make up the lost protein and fiber, but otherwise, it seems like a good, cheap option, yet it hasn’t been discussed much. This leads me to wonder if there’s something wrong with it. Opinions? Also, while I have your attention, does anyone know where I can buy Soy lecithin granules in Vancouver(and what they would cost)?


I’ve tried flour (khorasan, which is a relative of wheat), you really have to cook it first (add water and heat until it thickens, then cook for another 5 minutes), otherwise it tastes horrible. If you don’t mind spending the extra time to cook it, then go ahead :thumbsup:


Have you looked at the other Canadian recipes on Makesoylent? Several of them use Oat Flour and Lecithin from www.Bulkbarn.ca.


Or you can make perfectly acceptable oat flour just by putting steel-cut oats, “slow” oats or quick oats through a coffee mill or high-speed blender. I put quick oats in my Vita-Mix for my oat flour, and grind my buckwheat to flour in the same way.

Sometimes I wonder if everyone hasn’t gone super-passive consumer-ish these days – if they can’t BUY the identical product specified in the recipe, brand-name and all, then they think they’re snookered. I just shake my head.

I concur that wheat flour isn’t likely to give you an acceptable result. Buckwheat would – and has the added advantage of not being a cereal grain and therefore not subject to all the media-driven allergies being bandied about these days. (Everybody who is anybody has to be either a celiac or a vegan or both…) Although one guy told me he’s allergic to soba noodles, which are made from buckwheat. TANJ, ya can’t win…


Personally, I’ll be buying oat powder rather than grinding my own because I want the absolute finest (in terms of particle size) powder I can get. To each their own, however, and I’ve noticed that coarse-medium oatmeal is fine when cooked anyway.

Based on what, if I may ask?


I have looked at other Canadian recipes, but there’s no Bulkbarn in Vancouver unfortunately. There doesn’t seem to be any other cheap/easily available oatflour or lecithin around here.


I’ve considered making oat flour. It’s working out to be too expensive, especially if whole wheat flour can be a replacement.
Also, who are you concurring with when you say wheat flour won’t be an acceptable replacement? And based on what? I have no trouble with allergies whatsoever, if that’s the basis of your objection to wheat.


Oat flour is actually rather expensive so i minimised the amount of oat flour and added wheat flour and potato flour in my recipe. The values seem to be fine, for most of the essential 6 minerals other than Potassium and chloride and have sufficient B1,2,3,6,7,9,12 vitamins. Probably just need a multivitamin thing and its lacking in fiber and fat slightly. I use oat flour, wheat flour and potato flour in 50g,100g,150g /day respectively. I just developed the recipe and i have yet to try to out but i think wheat flour and potato flour isn’t too bad. Potato flour cover the B6 and wheat flour covers the selenium.
IMO, wheat flour is the most readily available and nutritious flour generally.


Based primarily on palatability, guys. Oats are (for my personal taste anyhow, obviously I can’t predict anyone else’s, anymore than I can be sure that when you see “red” you see exactly the same thing I see) the hands-down winner of the taste sweepstakes among the cereal grains. I have a lot of nitrogen-packed cracked wheat cereal that I wish I could use up; but as cereal it just doesn’t compete; I’ll grind it for flour, probably, except at the moment I’m hardly doing any baking.

If others like the taste of wheat flour when it’s boiled up as part of a cereal mix, then I’m sure there’s no serious objection to its use (apart from the current gluten-avoidance fad).

What works for me, cereal-wise is oats, buckwheat and spelt. Over and over I return to that combination as the most satisfying one. It’s not for ny rational or intellectual reasons; purely a taste preference. FWIW.

(Note: I’m not saying that some individuals don’t have genuine problems with gluten. But I’m pretty sure those individuals aren’t nearly as numerous as the current gluten hoo-ha might suggest. These food-allergy storms seem to come and go with a weather-like regularity.)


If such’s the case, I request you not to make statements of this sort, or to qualify them better.

Thanks for clarifying.


Dude if you live in Vancouver, just go to Famous Foods on Kingsway. It’s the closest thing we have to a bulk barn.