Whoops! (And some learning.)


So, relatively recently, I realized that I made a blunder on all of my DIY Soylent recipes. When I entered a custom food for the multivitamin I used, I entered the Potassium amount into the DIY tool as grams, when it was actually specified on the bottle in milligrams. As a result, I wasn’t adding any straight Potassium, and my formulas were all at about 50% of the DV of Potassium.

Since that realization, I got me some Potassium Citrate, and have added it to my latest batches. Two findings:

  1. It doesn’t taste that bad, but it does lend a slight bitter taste to my DIY for the first time. A bitter taste that seems to diminish with greater soak time, as the blend shifts towards tasting sweeter. It’s a bitterness that seems easily masked by sweetness? Curiously, I always found my DIY to taste great, right from the first mixing, and didn’t understand why some people had to soak… now, I can see a difference.

  2. For the first time, drinking a meal of my DIY gave me a dull headache, reminiscent of a nausea or dehydration headache, quite soon after drinking. This happened several times the first day, and also the second day, but in milder form… the third day, I might have had one really brief passing headache. It has not happened since. It seems a sudden surge in Potassium up to the recommended Daily Value, when not used to it, can give me a mild headache!


Bitter taste?
Try Potassium Chloride - we had never such complaints on it.


I use enough potassium citrate in my DIY to get 4.7g potassium and never had a headache. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. Do you by chance have the dreaded oats reaction?


I get some gas from my oats, but not the horrific odor kind.