Who's taking Soylent to Burning Man?

I usually don’t eat very well on playa, so I’m bringing Soylent as my primary source of nutrition. I intend to supplement each batch with 1 tsp “lite salt”, half and half sodium chloride and potassium chloride, for electrolyte replacement. I have a fridge so it’ll be cold as needed. My hypothesis is that the ease of Soylent prep and storage, plus the whole nutrition it provides, is going to make it a good fit.



I am doing the same.

Currently trying to figure out how to keep it cold, though, as I don’t have a fridge.

Also, it just occurred to me that Soylent looks like a mixture of playa and water. Can probably freak some people out with that, if you play it right.

Where are you camped, btw, always fun to meet new people out there in playa land. :smiley:


3:15 and A, Radio Electra. Ask for Formica. If you’d like to talk on the radio, come by between 4-6pm and I’ll interview you on the air :smile:

Sweet! I’m just around the corne at 4:00 and Esplanade, Thunderdome. :smiley: I’m the only Patrick in the camp, so yeah, feel free to drop by and say hi whenever. We can enjoy a frosty glass (okay, maybe not so frosty) of Soylent!

Who’s taking ganja to Burning Man?

I’m taking soylent to Dreamforce.

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Everyone, obviously.

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Soylent at Burning Man is the best burner food ever. I have so often in the past had trouble eating, motivating myself to put food in my mouth gets really difficult at times.

But with Soylent, I can get three squares a day in just a few minutes total without worrying about preparation, appetite, etc. I feel great, I’m sleeping well, and I’ve had but one or two fatigue episodes.

I highly recommend it :slight_smile:


Fourmica, you didn’t seriously just find internet at burning man to reply to this thread, did you?

Had to take this year off … it’ll be there next year. Have fun and be SAFE! :o)

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Can we get some Soylent experiences at Burning Man?


Haha no aoxfordca, I am one of those people who Destroys Burning Man by providing wifi to the camps around me. I’m usually online within a few hours of hitting playa depending on how the network is running. The event itself is highly networked for logistical purposes and “leftover” internet bandwidth is donated to participants like me as an “art project”. We use a 5ghz backhaul to connect APs around the city and then distribute in 2.4.

I just bought two weeks worth that I plan on bringing! For eating and for sharing!

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I remember when Sasha would pass out free substances at every event. I miss that guy…