Why are bad reviews hidden?


I saw this on Colbert, I’m an indie game dev and programmer. I do not eat healthy at all, and sometimes I work 12-16 hour days for weeks on end.

I was so excited when I saw this, it is so perfect for me. My diet and job have taken a huge tole on my health the past 2-3 years.

I came here looking for reviews both good and bad, and it frightens me that the first bad one I come across has been locked and hidden. Referring to this link: http://discourse.soylent.me/t/official-soylent-letdown/14142/74

I had to read through pages of responses to get any clue as to the content original post. I understand that a forum needs to be moderated, but it’s clear the thread was from a legit user who was very upset with the product, and as a potential customer, I want to read that and decide for myself if I want to consider this persons opinion.

It also makes me wonder how many other posts from upset customers have been hidden or removed. Customer lost for now.


That post wasn’t hidden out of censorship, but because people on this forum seemed to think that he was a troll trying to stir up trouble rather than a legitimately dissatisfied customer. In short, he claimed to be throwing away the rest of his Soylent because it was giving him gas - a common problem which you can find discussed in many threads on this forum. Similarly, there are a number of threads describing headaches. None of these threads have been censored.

I’d encourage you to reconsider your hasty dismissal of Soylent - I’m on these forums all the time, and I have not seen any censorship of negative reviews on the part of Rosa Labs.


I fail to see how anything is “clear” that has been garnered from something “hidden.”


Well just a simple scroll down the list you would have found plenty of threads reporting their own problems with Soylent. None of them have been hidden or even locked. Didnt you even look? the other guy was locked because everyone thought he was trolling.


Maybe you should worry less about sounding intelligent and actually use your brain. I stated above that I read all of the comments to get an idea of what his issues were.

Everyone was calling him fake and it was said he posted a pic and others confirmed it was legit.

Wow, this was hidden, prefect example of fanboys imposing their will.


I did read over a few other treads as well as scroll the the lists. After posting this I did some more goggling as well. It seems its a pretty common complaint about the gas issues. And can be extreme in some cases. I also understand that it could only be a temporary issue as your body adjusts to the fiber. Which btw, is prob the one thing that is not deficient in my diet, lol, I practically live of high fiber cereals currently.



I mean really, come at me all snarky then cry about my response? lol.

How was this one offensive? The dude was clearly being rude and snarky. All you guys are doing is continuing to prove my point that it’s way too easy for randoms to remove a post. Get a real setup here, jeez.


Discourse is a community-moderated forum. If enough users flag a post, it will become hidden until the Original Poster edits it. In this case, it looks like the OP didn’t edit it. I’ve been on here for over a year, and have seen very few threads deleted, and I’m on here quite a bit.

I’d encourage you to not worry about one thread as much as you are. Read and search, and you’ll see plenty of other threads about the Soylent experience. I’ll sum up what I’ve seen (and can remember off the top of my head) below:

  1. Headaches:
  • Make sure you drink enough water to stay properly hydrated. This is the main cause of headaches while on Soylent.
  • If you don’t currently get the proper amount of potassium, you should ease-on to Soylent. Otherwise you may get a headache.
  • If you are feeling lightheaded, you may need to add a teaspoon or so of salt to your daily mix of Soylent.
  1. Gas
  • Soylent has lots of fiber in it. You may experience gas until you get used to it.
  • Sipping over time produces less gas than chugging a 24 oz meal.


You would be surprised the active debate that goes on in this forum. As it is the members who are responsible for flagging posts as in appropriate and given the number of heated debates I would ask you to give them a chance. As for the said hidden post one of his final comments was his elation that his thread had received so many views. It was at that point his motive was clear.
If you are interested in what Soylent is all about, please explore some of the other threads.


Thanks for the actual response…

Based on some further digging I decided to place an order and see for myself. So in like 2-3 months I’ll let you guys know how it goes, lol.


I guess I asked for it but really wasn’t trying to get into forum politics, lol. That said, it’s kinda bullshit that fanboys can shut down something potential customers desire to read because the “Think” someone is “Trolling”.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Hi Jason,

I’m one of the people who flagged the post. I am definitely a fan of Soylent but wouldn’t consider myself a “fanboy.” I’ve seen negative threads here and am always interested in hearing other people’s reactions to Soylent. In fact since my reaction has been positive, I’m more interested in hearing negative reactions than positive.

The comment you linked was not flagged because it was negative. The person decided they were not going to continue with Soylent because it was giving them gas. He then made it known that the rest of their Soylent would be thrown away. He made sure to let everyone know he would not sell or give it away, because he has plenty of money and is lazy. Those are his words, not mine, he repeatedly said he was too lazy to care about giving it to someone.

This forum is filled with many people who paid for their Soylent over a year ago and are still waiting to get their hands on it. Many would pay a very high price. Several people pleaded with him to please reconsider, one person offered to have UPS show up with a prepaid label and box and pick it up from him. His response was he didn’t care, and he was throwing it away.

This guy was not someone coming here to voice complaints about Soylent. It was someone coming here to get attention and a rise out of the community, for whatever reason.

There are several other threads (including a quite epic one with “Mustard Gas” in the title) floating around about the same topic and are unlocked, and have great discussions going on.


Yes, sadly everyone in my thread decided to harp on the fact I was getting rid of the Soylent instead of anything else. I made a thread talking about why I was getting rid of the remaining 2 month supply I had and got SLAMMED by people for throwing it out instead of doing something better with it (even though it is mine so I should be able to do what I want).

Anyway, came back to my thread to everyone calling me a troll and hating me, so I put up a pic of the Soylent I had remaining, and then people kept up with the personal attacks so I just left and let it get locked.

If you want to know what my original compaint was, I was on 100% Soylent for several weeks, and had gas that was horrible to be around still. I hadn’t been at work for this period and I was about to head back and didn’t want to deal with the smell in a work setting, so I stopped taking it and went on regular food, after which the gas slowly went away until it was back to normal. So I decided to get rid of the rest of my Soylent (which is the only part anyone seemed to care about).

Anyway, I guess my body just doesn’t like Soylent and I will be trying the stuff from here instead. http://discourse.soylent.me/t/has-anyone-else-seen-space-nutrients-station/11423/2



At what point does promotion of a competing product become spam? It is starting to become a problem that, in my opinion, is damaging to this discourse. I’m a little concerned that recent negative posts seem to end with links to spam. Is this a legitimate concern? Thanks.


Yep, how dare I link to another post on this forum that has over 200 posts.


If you’re concerned the official forums don’t display an unbiased picture of what people are thinking, consider reading the Soylent subreddit or checking out the Soylent in the Media thread and reading the articles that are linked there, several of them quite critical.

If you’re extremely curious and brave enough, check out the comments sections in each of those articles as well.


There are no bad or good reviews, there is a variety of opinions.
But Discourse is not a blog (monologue), but the dialog between people and if someone crosses the border - others react with flagging. So if you want to say something - just choose a right form.

From my personal experience - I had a problem with “crossing a border” for the first time,
was flagged, but now I think twice before saying something. Because I respect the other part of dialogue.

So @jason_gamedev - if you’re looking for extreme - it’s not the right place. If you’re looking for weighted answers to your questions - you’re welcome.


There’s a delicious irony about a new account, mere hours old, complaining about astroturfing. There is plenty to complain about regarding soylent and rosa, but this isn’t one of those things.


I gotta say, I don’t think that was @BriBy’s intention. From what I’ve seen he seems like a really nice guy. You can check out his DIY soylent videos at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM0EyLRaP9rbvGWMLymewYw

I’d also highly recommend @vanclute’s official Soylent videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/IamSoylent