Why Are the tubs more expensive to the pouches?


The tubs are $2.69 per 400 calories, the pouches are $1.54. Are they different in some way?


They come in a tub, which is more expensive than a bag.


They have the tubs for retail and in store sales. The pouches will only be available from Soylent. They can’t expect to sell the tub cheaper online than in stores and attempt to compete with the other retailers that are now carrying Soylent.


They are a retail product, so they are priced competitively. Beyond that we cannot undercut our retail partners on pricing, we can have sales and what not but just offering our products flat out cheaper damages the relationship. As we grow we will have far more ability to offer different .com only form factors.


In that case I hope you never put the pouches in the stores. They are already sort f expensive as it is.