Why are there so many condescending attitudes around Soylent?


I’m going to link two videos here that pose themselves as reviews, but are thinly veiled attacks on the idea of Soylent. Are there any other types of food products that get this kind of hate, and WHY is Soylent targeted so much in this way?

First one (these guys have a serious vendetta against it):

Second one (this girl seems to think technology = bad, therefore Soylent = bad):


We’ve discussed this stuff many times around here. People are scared of things that are new or that they don’t understand. And when it comes to food, to most people food is as dear to them as religion. They see Soylent as a threat to their way of life, since they usually come from a “hollistic/natural/raw” food mindset where anything that isn’t GMO, pesticide, and “chemical” free, is automatically bad… and Soylent must be the worst of all possible offenders since it’s “made in a lab” and none of it is directly grown by nature.

Frankly it’s blind ignorance and stupidity if you ask me. shrug


In the second video, I stopped taking her at all seriously when she said she knew what she was talking about because she had a background in “holistic nutrition”. Really?

Then she starts in about how much she hates technology and people from Silicon Valley. I couldn’t stomach any more after that. She probably didn’t have any good points anyway, but I had to turn it off less than 2 minutes in.


The way I look at it, Soylent had to elbow its way into the public’s attention, and that naturally irritated some people. After all, it basically announced that it was going to do away with food.

That wasn’t even close to true, of course, but some people took it a little too seriously. In fact, Soylent is just another food choice. I think it’s a particularly good and interesting choice, But many foodies are threatened by the original message. I myself have a couple of friends who absolutely refuse to even taste Soylent because they really like food.

So Soylent Is paying the price for the information that it conveyed. But it got the attention of the public, and if you ask me, that was worth the price.


If you think the girl in the second video is a wack job you should see the guy she is parroting, Secrets of longevity. Both of their vlogs have been thoroughly mocked a few times on this forum.


ROFLMAO. Those guys are ignorant quacks. Why are they against Soylent? Because they have their own diet, books and products they sell.


I actually agree with some of the points these guys made. (Couldn’t watch more than 30 seconds of the girl’s video)

People who choose to do Soylent for 100% of their diets are crazy imo, because we don’t really know what this would do. And yes, there are different forms of vitamins and nutrients, like D2 & D3, cyanocobalamin & methylcobalamin (both b12) etc, etc. Soylent only has one of each. Maybe certain individuals don’t well with the forms chosen.

To be safe, we should make a point of eating healthy meals in between our Soylent meals/snacks.


Would it be possible for Soylent to include the different forms of the vitamins?


Yes, but it would cost more, and one of their main goals from the beginning was to keep the cost low. They’ll choose certain ingredients based on price.


I thought one of the main goals was to provide everything that the body needs to function and be healthy.


Yeah, that is one of the main goals also.


How much would it increase the cost, do you think?


They spend most of their time mocking the idea, and they both clearly haven’t done their research because one didn’t know that Soylent was shipping. I realize the video is old, but it’s not that old.


I don’t know. I personally wouldn’t mind paying more though, although that’s not a popular thing to say here. 2100 calories of ensure plus is $11.99 right now at Safeway. I think most people would be willing to spend 12 bucks a day for a bag of Soylent. That would probably be enough to let them be a little more flexible with their ingredient choices.


I’m trying to be 100% Soylent. Do you really think that that’s more dangerous than 100% random that I was eating before?


Perhaps in the (far) future, they will have a “premium” version as well to choose from.


If your diet is anything like mine was before, Soylent is much healthier.


I got a blood test done before I started, and will get another in a few months. Other people that have done before and after blood tests have seen improvements, so I’m very optimistic Soylent is better than 100% random. I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.


I think the reason for this attitude might be that people have this ingrained assumption that the body needs raw, whole, colorful, unprocessed, “living” food that is full of variety and taste and texture. The idea that everything is chemicals is not comfortable to think about. We like to think that the body needs more than just amino acids, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals to operate.


Yeah but as far as I know, Soylent/Rosa Labs itself never said any such thing. It was the media that started singing that tune I believe. Just because Rob always made a point of mentioning that one COULD live on strictly Soylent - that got spun into “Soylent is going to do away with every food you love!!!”