WHY are you eating Soylent?



ok, so that’s that.

quick question, I don’t want to start a new thread for this: does anyone know if I can mail soylent in a flat envelope? I think it’s fine, but soylent IS FOOD. anyone has any ideas?


For me it’s a combination of things…

  1. I hate grocery shopping
  2. I hate throwing old/spoiled groceries away
  3. I hate cooking
  4. I am terrible with portion control and proper meal planning
  5. It completely simplifies my nutrition
  6. It saves me money

To be clear though I’m a DIY, just over 100 days so far. I’m on DIY for 94-96% of my meals, exceptions made for social gatherings and thats about it. One of my daily goals nutritionally is to get 170 grams of protein. Before DIY I was putting too much time into tracking meals and supplementing with shakes. Now I spend 2-3 minutes a night blending and pouring into shaker bottles and 1 hour on Saturday prepping the daily recipe bags. I spend less then 2 hours a week on groceries, meal prep, eating, etc. I can’t imagine going back to real food and cooking and grocery shopping… It sounds horrible :wink:


I don’t recommend it. I tried sending with a flat rate envelope and the bag of Soylent popped. Some of the bags have a fair bit of air in them so if they are on the bottom of a heavy mail pile you’ll have a mess at the other end. If you’re using the USPS a small flat rate box is perfect for a single day worth.


Cheap health food was the draw for me. And honestly, I must say I love how subversive soylent feels. If everyone is eating powdered foods in five years, I’m totally pulling the hipster card.

Oh, but one of the big draws for me initially was that a complete food wouldn’t leave me craving things and skewing my palate. I work as a chef, so this seemed like a nifty idea at the time. Turns out, I can’t stop messing with the ratios and trying new ingredients, so that notion is a bust.


When I was DIY, I couldn’t stop messing around with the recipes either which killed one of my main goals which was to save time. Thankfully the 3rd party market came along and now I just buy and consume. No soylent that I’ve had to date is perfect, but if it’s pre-mixed I just accept it.

In any case, with you being a chef and all, I look forward to your future “gourmet soylent” product! :slight_smile:


I’m mostly going to try it (when my one week order from October 2013 comes in) for a few reasons. One is that I want to lose weight, and while I know Soylent isn’t a diet product I think swapping to Soylent for 2 meals a day (instead of eating something unhealthy b/c I’m rushed) will help with that a lot.

It’s also convenient and quick.



Any lasting side effects of the experience?


Nope, no lasting side effects other than kinda missing it. I wish it was something that fit better with “real life”, but unless everyone around you is also sleeping polyphasically (oooh is that a new word??) it becomes really really really hard to maintain.

But it was seriously an awesome experience once I got past the initial couple weeks.


During a typical week there’s several meals I eat alone in front of the TV,
weekday dinners mostly. Those were usually fast food, or frozen or canned.

So I thought Soylent would be faster, easier, and healthier than what I had been
doing before.

I still eat out with friends several times a week, and the food at work is actually
quite good.

It works out to a little more than 40% of my meals.


I’m the exact same way. I actively resent the need to do these things.


I’ve become more efficient by doing #3 while I’m doing #2.


Do you lose the time gained due to increased laundry needs? :stuck_out_tongue:


No - I sleep in a hammock!


And here I just figured you slept on the toilet! Which, I admit to having done at least once before.


Before Soylent I had gone through the trouble of planning my meals to get a particular macronutrient profile. I was eating the same meals 5 days a week with no variation. I found that the lack of variety didn’t bother me and that I didn’t really care if it was a chicken sandwich or a glass of Soylent. So I switched to DIY soylent because I could hit any macronutrient and calorie count I wanted and at a significant financial savings.


Initially I thought Soylent was people so I got in and backed the company but now it’s mainly because I’ve been here so long and dealt with so many nice people, that I think I’m hooked for life…

Oh and it keeps the hunger away {v1.2} and that has not been an easy task for all the others I’ve tried.


Same here, it prevents me from eating muggle food.


I eat soylent:

To get a more balanced, complete diet.
To Save Money!
To Save Time…

:smile: Since I became single again, cooking for one isn’t efficient or satisfying so I ate out. Either its expensive and well made or cheap an well, greasy. I gain no social connection with myself by cooking grin so the time not spent planning for, obtaining of and preparing the meals is well saved, not to mention cleanup and such.

I’m sure i’m not the only one to deal with this but work takes up about 10 hours of my day (getting there, working, getting back) and i’m beat if i don’t sleep at least 7 hours. That only leaves 7 hours for everything else… so gaining back 2 of those hours from my meals is like… gold :smile: and only spending about 5$ a meal on soylent (the way i eat it) is again, golden :smile:


A lot of people seem to choose soylent for the same reasons people choose fast food: ease and convenience. it seems your friend’s argument could apply to fast food just the same as soylent, but the difference is fast food is ingrained in our lives so it’s not questioned. you’re pushing the responsibility to cook for yourself and even limited the choice to a bulleted list of pre-considered food options. but fast food is nutritionally lacking though calorie rich where soylent has a balance between nutrition and calorie. there’s more responsibility and cognizance in preparing a pitcher of soylent than asking and paying for a “number three” in a drive-thru. soylent is new (well, not the idea but the degree it’s attempting to be implemented is) and new products are always met with hesitation. does anyone remember how much of an “insane” idea it was when Apple was getting into the phone business? or even the “craziness” of Nintendo releasing a handheld that wasn’t a GameBoy and also had TWO screens? One a touch screen? Those products worked out well. Only time will tell if the same can happen for food.

To answer the question my reasons for using soylent is to have a more surefire means to count calories while also maintaining good nutrition. being cheaper and less time consuming than cooking groceries is a bonus. and unlike a lot of other users here I actually love cooking. But I want a clear answer on the calorie in/out question I’ve been fighting with for years in my fitness goals. Soylent provides that opportunity for a good answer without sacrificing nutrition.

edit: Oh, I should also mention that I am a compulsive eater. i will eat all day if given the chance. i’ve tried moderation and will power and all that but the only thing that seems to work is not having the food available at all. even healthy food. for instance i’d buy a bag of apples and a jar of peanut butter for a snack so i’d be able to nibble on healthier food. sugar-free, two ingredient (peanuts and salt) peanutbutter too. before i knew it i would have an empty jar and bag with plenty of time to go back to the grocery store for more since i needed peanutbutter to put in my morning oatmeal anyway. it got to the point i was buying 3 or 4 jars of peanutbutter and two bags of apples so in case i went through one i’d have a backup. and that’s just example with healthier food. but too much of healthy food makes it unhealthy. by limiting my mindset to only having soylent i can control that better. i know i’m getting nutrition and calories i need in a day and that’s all i allow myself access to and it works better. now i reach for a glass of what to mindlessly sip on while i browse the internet or watch videos instead of going for a bag of chips or sandwich or the peanutbutter and apples.


For me it’s convenience. If I could live without eating, I would be happy. But, since I can’t, I now drink Soylent - which is almost the next best thing. :wink: