Why Austria would be a good country to start european shipping

Hi there!

In my own selfish interest I’ve collected some reasons for the Soylent Team on why they should consider choosing Austria as one of the first European countries to ship to.

For those who didn’t know: We are a small country with about 8.5 million inhabitants, located in the heart of Europe and part of the EU.

Now my reasons :slight_smile: :

  • we are a small country with very high GDP (somewhere in the top 15 world-wide) and high personal incomes which does not mean we are any better than any other country, but it does mean, that a high percentage of Austrians will principally be able to buy soylent at the current price (which is not yet possible in countries with lower wages). Plus as mentioned, we are a small country, so it is easier to achieve shipping coverage for the whole country in a limited amount of time and with a lower amount of soylent than you would need for the same percentual coverage in bigger countries.
  • Austrians love healthy food, promote their own agriculture & farming and dislike chlorine-washed chicken and similar things
  • we are, as mentioned, located in the heart of Europe and member of the EU. This could be some strategical advantage, to use Austria as a starting point and expand from there.
  • plus of course my personal interests because I’ve already made a monthly Soylent subscription :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone got anything else? ^^

That’s where we are: Location of Austria

So yeah that was my input. I know it will still take quite some time, but I’m prepared to wait.



You make a good case, good luck!

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Compared to the rest of the world the whole of the EU has pretty high incomes.

Funny. Last summer I already had started as a DIYer, but paused during my holliday trip. Offcourse.
When I was sitting in the garden of Bauernhof Rauchenbichlgut, with its great view over Salzburg, whilst enjoying the rich, healthy food, and the gentle social atmosphere that comes with it, I thought: the case for soylent just can’t be made in Austria.
I must have missed something.

You get rich, healthy food if you dine in applicable restaurants or if you have the time to get your food from farmers’s markets. Both possibilities require an additional amount of money compared to shopping in supermarkets - which offer the same boring, unsubstential food as they do in other countries, especially if you dislike cooking everyday (or don’t have time for that) and get some oven-ready meal instead. Then, my friend, you eat the same cr@p like all the Soylenters did before they got themselves something real.

Plus: Some of us just lack motivation and / or time to eat healthy - and that’s exactly one of the things Soylent is intended to fix :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I understand the question correctly, but no, Austria is not hungry. If you like it or not, by the rules of economics firms like Rosa Labs need at least two things to be able to produce a high quality product for a low price: They need an appropriate amount of money and an appropriate volume of orders to make use of some monetary advantages of mass production.
As unfair as it may seem, you will never be able to just go to “hungry” countries, offer your product for cheap and save the world there. Instead you will always need many people to invest @ higher prices along the road.
So if there are countries with people willing to buy at higher (current) prices, you should be happy and keep in mind, that in the end they help lowering Soylent prices.

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Austria is very rich, richer than Malta (my country) but poorer than Switzerland :wink:

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