Why can't I handle Soylent?


I’ve been off of soylent for a few weeks now. I quit after 3 or 4 months of soylent being a small part to nearly all of my diet because having 4 to 6 loose bowel movements a day is no fun. I don’t think its an ingredient in Soylent, because I can nearly eat anything and be fine. I also thought maybe its the liquid diet part of it, but at one time in my life whole milk was a major portion of my diet, at least 50% of my calories(3 to 5 gallons a week). Soylent effects me at a much lower percentages of my calories.

I really miss having such an easy staple to live off of. When I don’t know what I want to eat, I won’t eat. Being hungry causes me to short tampered, and generally grumpy. My two questions are. Does anyone have a solution? And what can I do to help Rosa labs solve this issue I have with Soylent?


It sounds like you were using 1.4. Is that correct?


I stopped soon after 1.4 came out but still had the same problems with 1.0, 1.2, and 1.3


Weak/low will power?


What the hell does will power have to do with having several loose bowel movements per day?

Maybe that should be Rosa Labs new marketing campaign: Do you have the will power to drink Soylent? They could show people sitting on the toilet all day.

I’m sure that’ll bring 'em in.

Just wow.


@keenin, I think it could be because of consuming it speedily, were you? ( i ask this because consuming liquid/semi solid solid food/drinks quickly like we do with water, makes me want to visit the bathroom sometimes).


We have one anecdotal claim that these versions of Soylent caused one individual to have multiple BMs a day, and that is supposed to necessitate a whole marketing campaign?

I’m not sure which suggestion is more poorly founded: the idea that lack of willpower caused the problem or the idea that RL might have to advertise to combat one person’s problem. It’s a close call.


His response was to xmathematicsx, not to the OP. :wink:


Maybe you could talk with your doctor about this issue.

Could it be a difference in gut bacteria?

Here is a site to test your gut bacteria, I think they have an offer for a free kit if you have IBS: http://ubiome.com/

I have the opposite problem and would rather they not reduce the amount of fiber, but it’s much easier for me to add fiber myself than for you to remove fiber.


1.0 gave me many loose bowelmovements too. The 1.4 Keenin sent me hasn’t given me any

I do have IBS which is the main reason, but secondary reason was the high protein and high fiber.


I still have the terrible gas and had to give it up after several months. I lasted until 1.4. I will try 1.5 but don’t think it will be much different. It seems that there is nothing else that can be done. But wait…I don’t have the problem with people chow?


It might be worth trying eating some good organic yoghurt, increase the good gut bacteria.


@Lawfirm1 I’m still having gas with Soylent 1.4. It only seems to be a problem if I eat it for dinner. I have a bunch of DIY (People Chow) and if I do that for dinner instead then I don’t have hardly any trouble. Right now I’m pushing it with DIY every other night and seeing how it works out. 1.4 is much better than 1.0-1.3 though. That was just horrendous all the time. I hope that the Soylent 1.5 changes will be enough to let me eat Soylent 100% of the time. I will see in a couple weeks.

Oddly enough the Lot L(?) of Soylent 1.4 I got first didn’t give me bad gas. The last two months worth were the Lot C and that’s what I’ve been having trouble with. Even though they keep telling us there is no difference, my colon tells me (and my poor family) different. :wink:


Jeff, You and I must have the same gut bacteria. I noticed the same thing with my first shipment of 1.4. You are also the one that turned me onto People Chow. I would love to figure this out.