Why did you make it mostly fat? And taste like potato? (1.4)

You increased the fat content dramatically. It’s now 148% daily value of fat. Why?
Also, I see you used potato starch (from the booklet notes - not found on the ingredient list). Now it tastes like potato. Why? I prefer oatmeal flavor to potato (unless it’s chips or baked with lots of butter & cheese).
I also noticed it can be stringy. I find it a bit disconcerting. Like okra. (You can add okra and call it Soylent Green.)


There is an article in the FAQ about the macronutrient ratio in Soylent 1.4 that may answer your fat question. As far as the potato starch I haven’t tried 1.4 yet so I don’t have any experience there; and I don’t see anything about potato starch specifically in the FAQ either. You can submit a request here, though.