Why do you prefer powdered soylent (or not)?

Just recently started soylent and I’ve been at about 90% since I started, I’ve only tried 1.5 so far but I have an order of 2.0 on the way ( I mostly ordered it because I’m trying to get my SO on board but she can’t stand 1.5 ). It seems like most people are largely in favor of one vs the other (dry vs premixed). I’m curious what everyone’s reasoning is.

Personally I love the completely neutral taste of 1.5, and there’s just something cool about having all of your day’s food in one pitcher, ready to pour. Storage is also a huge plus; a month’s supply of food takes up one large drawer, and I only need fridge space for 1 pitcher at a time.

What’s your preferred form of soylent? and why?

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Thanks to Rosa Labs accidentally sending me four boxes of 2.0 instead of 1.5, I’ve currently got both to try.

I do enjoy the increased post-delivery convenience of 2.0 — just open the bottle and drink. I also like how it’s easier to mix 2.0 with other foods while maintaining about 2000 calories a day — that can get a bit fiddly with 1.5, unless you’re willing to pour some down the sink (which I currently haven’t been).

However, as I’m in the UK, 2.0 isn’t practical (because it’s so much more expensive to ship over here, due to the water weight). If both were available directly here, I think I’d order both, although I’m not sure how much of each. The cost difference might be a factor. I haven’t tried going 100% 2.0 for longer than a day yet, but I think I prefer the taste and texture of 2.0.

However, receiving three boxes of 2.0 every week — as opposed to four boxes of 1.5 every month — could get tiresome if I had to pick them up from a delivery company’s collection point. (If they’d leave it outside my door, that would be fine, but that depends on the delivery company.)

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Storage and price for me, 1.5. Yes, you could have multiple staggered subscriptions of 2.0 to try and avoid the storage issue. 1.5 also has less waste generated although that’s not a reason I purchase 1.5.

I do prefer the flavor of 2.0 vs. 1.5. And it is super convenient. I measure 1.5 out into blender bottles so I have to weigh / measure the powder in each bottle vs. mixing it a pitcher at a time. I have a couple 12 packs on hand for when I forget to mix up 1.5 or if I had planned other food and need to fall back to prepared Soylent. But I go through more 1.5 than 2.0.

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This has already been discussed quite a bit. But I can testify once again, from my experience of the last couple of days, that 2.0 can easily encourage impulsive consumption. And a lot of us are using Soylent because we want to control our appetite, not encourage it. I think I have gone through a dozen bottles in 2 days.

I find 1.5 more filling . It is easier to customize 1.5. 1.5 is of course cheaper. 1.5 is inherently lighter if you are thinking about backpacking. 2.0 produces a lot more waste. It is easier to keep track of how much 1.5 you have consumed because the big pitcher that you use makes it easy to tell how much of your daily ration is left.

I want to say more about waste. Some people here on site think that the amount of waste that comes with Soylent is no big deal. But I think that the kind of people who buy Soylent are typically concerned about such issues.


I want a powdered Soylent that has the taste/nutrition of Soylent 2.0. I would keep some 2.0 on hand anyway, for Soylent emergencies or convenience, but I have no problem mixing Soylent every day. I just wish 1.5 was brought up to 2.0’s quality. :cry:

Also I’d love to get me some Soylent bars. :yum:


Seconded. I’d be on the train back to powder town in a heartbeat if I knew the formula and taste were roughly the same as 2.0. 1.5’s texture is a bit of an issue for me also, but I could overlook it in favor of some soy protein isolate and bioreactor algae.

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Otherwise i’d take the convenience and higher protein.


I like the ratio of carbs to other stuff better with v2.0. I like both of the tastes so that’s not really an issue. The powdered always has a bit of grittiness but it’s not much of an issue but nonetheless, it gives v2.0 a win here. Less waste with the powdered though, and while it’s not huge, it does bother me. Price too is a bit better. It is a tough call. If v2.0 was powdered like v1.5, I’d be all over that, but since it is not, the decision is a bit more problematic.

I actually liked and craved the taste of 1.5 before, but after trying 2.0 I find 1.5 pretty unpalatable. I still have 1.5 sometimes, for the reasons others have mentioned(price, storage space, weight), but I find it kind of hard to eat and prefer 2.0 for its taste and texture.

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Taste, texture, and convenience = for me, 2.0 wins by a major landslide. I actually found dealing with the powdered versions to be kind of a pain in the butt. I will only grab it for backpacking now, that’s it.

Can’t say I’ve had portioning or “customization” problems with 2.0, either. But, again, that’s just me.

I only wish it was cheaper. At any rate, Soylent2.0forlyfe

You find customizing a full bottle of product just as easy as customizing something you are already adding water to in a pitcher? How have you been customizing 2.0?

I forget if there is even a thread about customizing 2.0.

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remove cap > add flavouring > put cap back on > shake

It’s not hard! No extra apparatus required! :smile:

If it’s liquid flavour it’s easy as heck. On occasion I’d add a bit of instant coffee, in which case I just have a mouthful first, to make room. No dishes, no rinsing anything, piece of cake. I rarely do it, though, as I love it plain jane.


do you really think its worth to ~60% increase in price though? that’s always been a pretty big deal for me…

If someone wanted to add powder to it, would it still be an easy customization? Say protein or fiber powder. I’d think the powder might clump up when trying to mix into a liquid?

I (surprisingly) found that it is. My recent raise more than covers it, haha!

The price will only come down in the future, anyway. OFC, everyone has different budgets & thresholds. :sunny:

IDK, I’ve only ever added liquid chocolate or vanilla flavouring to it. I do have half a bag of psyllium husk powder left over from my powdered version days, but I haven’t felt a need to use it with 2.0. That would probably clump, I’m sure.

I do use protein powder for stretches, but only occasionally & on its own thus far. (I don’t consume Soylent on weekends, which is also when I use extra protein sometimes)

I like the price of the powdered. I have never even tried 2.0, because I can’t justify the price.

If the price per calorie were closer for the two, I would probably be going with 2.0 for the convenience.

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Totally understandable & legit.

I will say - as someone who held that view previously - that for those who rank convenience very highly, the convenience factor of 2.0 is simply massive.

Now, just give me a Soylent vending machine at work…


I prefer powdered soylent because I can mix in protein powder more easily.

Was going to get 1.5 for price but 2.0 is way more convenient and pre-packaged. 2.0 for the win!

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