Why do you prefer powdered soylent (or not)?


Powdered 1.5, hands down. I found 2.0 undrinkable from both a taste and a texture perspective, but I see I’m in the minority. I do hope they’ll keep 1.5 going, and NOT try to match the taste of 2.0.


I hope they keep the powdered form, too. Ultimate backpacking food! Although that could possibly get trumped when they bring out a solid form factor… :tent: :sunrise_over_mountains:


Agree 100%. I choked down my initial box of 12 bottles of 2.0, because I paid for it, but I never got used to the taste. Admittedly, I never tried adding flavors to it. I also found it too thin/watery. I like a thicker drink that makes me feel satiated when I’m done, like I’ve had a meal. Smoothie vs a bottle of milk (that tastes weird).

I think the powder is a pain, but the advantage is that I can mix in as much water as I want to get the consistency I want. With powder you can add less water if you want a thicker drink: you can’t do that with 2.0.


There is a trick to this. I put a small amount of water into a blender bottle and shake that up with my protein powder first; then I add the Soylent 2.0. I find this technique still does not get the protein powder mixed in 100% smoothly (maybe it would if I used a bit more water), but it gets it most of the way there. If I let the Soylent sit in the fridge for a few hours and give it another shake, that takes care of any remaining protein clumps. Also, I find Soylent+protein powder is too thick for my taste without a little added water anyway.


Dry is the logical choice. Why transport all that water?


So that I don’t have to mix it myself like some kind of savage!


I find that the texture of 2.0 is vastly superior to 1.5. It’s not even remotely close.

Nothing wrong with transporting water. It’s a family business, actually. Maybe we should cross over to Soylent delivery…


I use both.

Breakfast and dinner are 1.5 with added Whey Protein (to fit my macros) and Creatine.

For convenience I use 2.0 for lunch while at work. That way the 1.5 last exactly 2 days and I can mix it up every other night and leave it in the fridge a good amount of time.

Flavor and texture are irrelevant so they’re both pretty interchangeable.


Travel. Hands down. I can fit a week of Soylent 1.5 in my bag no problem with minimal space impact since it lays fairly flat.

I can’t imagine not only trying to fit that many bulky bottles into a suitcase, but also having one explode in my luggage onto my business clothes.


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It all comes down to cost.

I find the flavor of Soylent “not bad.” Don’t get me wrong, I will never seek out the flavor of Soylent, but it it doesn’t taste disgusting, I don’t add anything to Soylent and when I drink a meal I usually take 5-10 minutes.


I’d like to add that since I’ve had some time to try the 2.0 I mentioned in my original comment, one of the more interesting things I’ve found was that I found myself craving 2.0 like I never did with 1.5, to some people this might be a plus but for me one of the huge perks of soylent is that I don’t have to think about my food, but with 2.0 I’d have to force myself to stop drinking it and then my mind would wander to it.

I guess it really comes down to what you want from soylent. For me soylent is just fuel, I like 1.5’s neutral taste because its easily forgotten and it makes me only want to drink it when I’m hungry; but if you were more interested in enjoyment than I could definitely see why you would want to go with 2.0.

I also found that my friends who I let try some 1.5 and hated it, really enjoyed 2.0 and a couple of them actually ordered some for their own use. So in terms of breaking into the mainstream I think 2.0 is a good move for soylent, but I’ll be sticking with my 1.5.