Why does my diy soylent taste like gritty cardboard?



I just ran a small run to test out my diy soylent. I mixed the powder together, blended it all with lots of water, stuck it in the fridge for 6 hours, and then mixed the oils in. It tasted awful, like just really awful… I tried adding cinnamon and honey and it made so it I didn’t feel like I was gonna gag, but it was still really really bad. none of the flavors I expected, sweet, corny, oaty, salty, even bitter, came through, it was just like gritty nasty cardboard. Any idea what might be causing the taste?



Not sure about the whole recipe’s ingredients, but here’s an important one: What brand of masa are you using? Some are much grittier than others.

The dandelions might be making it taste bad, along with the oil if it’s rancid.


I use less salt, 1,5 gr. This way i can snack and eat salted food. i take like 50 pct of my nutrition out of soylent. Salt is a taste-waster.


You’ll want to make sure to microwave the oat flour dry (about 1 minute per 100g), or let it sit in the mix for another ~12 hours. This should help the taste a good bit. Never used MASA, though, so I’m not sure how it would affect its taste.


I’m using bobs red mill for all the flours and the whey protein. It smells like Capn Crunch


Bob’s Red Mill is the grittiest of all the masa brands I’ve tried. It’s also generally much more expensive to order masa online than to pick some up at a grocery store. You should be paying about $3 for 5 pounds of masa.


Okay ill try a different masa, i live like a mile from bobs red mill so i just went there for all my flours and such


I’ve had good experience with Maseca. Keep in mind that any kind of flour is not going to be water salable. You do eventually get used to the grittiness and don’t notice it after a while. Always shake/swirl your soylent before pouring into a glass and before each sip.