Why does soylent disallow Hold At Location?

I signed up for FedEx’s Delivery Manager in order to have shipments sent to a nearby fedex store, rather than sitting on my porch all day until I get home (I have had packages stolen before). My current shipment is on the way, so on the fedex site I clicked Customize Delivery, and I see the “Hold At Location” option grayed out. So I actually called fedex, and they pointed the finger squarely at Soylent, telling me: “The shipper has requested that the recipient not be allowed to hold the package”.


Can you please stop that restriction and allow me to divert packages to the fedex store where they sit safely until I pick them up?


We don’t contract with Fedex directly. Our warehouse / fulfillment centers do. Unfortunately when we work with them to negotiate lower shipping process some features come off the table. This is one of those features.

That’s a shame, please consider this a vote in favor of renegotiating to allow that feature. In any case, thanks for the quick reply.