Why FedEx? Has anyone had problems with FedEx and soylent?


I received my shipping notification last Wednesday for my starter kit and Thursday for my Soylent (1 month). According to FedEx both of my packages are expected to be here tomorrow but also according to FedEx both of my packages are in Sacramento CA (I live in Michigan) and browsing the internet brings me to the conclusion that this kind of thing is not uncommon. Have any other Soylenters had a problem with FedEx and their shipments? Also what was the deciding factor in choosing FedEx? almost every other company I have ordered from in the past uses UPS or USPS.


My only issue with them is they don’t deliver to my house address. If I know in advance I just use a friend’s address in a nearby town. I’ve never had any shipping errors from them though.


No problems for me. I’m on my fourth reorder (please, I know. I’m not rubbing it in anyone’s face, I’m merely stating how many shipments I’ve had to establish a history of experience in order to answer the question :smile:) and all is well.

Why FedEx? dunno.

Congrats on your order. Please let us know how it goes.


I’ve found their tracking to be pretty bad, but they do get the packages where they need to go. I got my Soylent the day the tracking said I would.


No problems with FedEx here. Typically a day ahead of schedule with no damage to the boxes, which are hidden behind my house exactly where I tell them.


I have no real issue with fedex as shipping, but their tracking is horrible. Swear their tracking program is on virtual alcohol.


I think as of right now with my current shipping experience I can agree with what everyone has said. FedEx tracking is horrible but shipping is not unreliable. Today was the day and believe it or not at 10am this morning the starter kit arrived at my door. My 4 weeks got pushed back a day but that is all right seeing how they didn’t ship the same day.


Only issue I’ve had with them was with a shipment of kangaroo jerky about a year ago…Left specific instructions about where to leave the box and found it out front ripped open being eaten by a pack of local dogs…


Their tracking is not as reliable as UPS’s is, and I’ve found their delivery times (and policies) to be more sporadic than UPS. For instance, UPS very consistently delivers to my address within a 2-hour time window in the afternoon, and always rings the doorbell. FedEx can deliver at any time during the day, and sometimes will not ring my doorbell.

However, UPS also (probably) costs them more, as they charge more overall for shipping.

Are they they best? No, probably not. But they do get packages where they need to go.