Why I think my $h!t don't stink


Could.not.handle. First 2 weeks of Soylent were awful. Taking Align (probiotic) and a digestive enzyme did wonders, as did decreasing the size of my Soylent meals, but it didn’t change the fact that all the protein in Soylent created a lot of sulfur. Thankfully I found out about two competing products categorized as “internal deodorants”; Devrom and Nullo.

Devrom is bismuth subgallate and hence tastes exactly like pepto bismal (which is bismuth subsalicylate). Honestly the flavor is so mild you could easily grind it up and add it directly to your mix without even noticing. Otherwise the recommended dose is 5 chewable tablets a day. Pricey! Like its brother in Pepto, Devrom will turn your stools dark/black so you’re always wondering if you’re actually bleeding in your stomach. As far as how it works, I can’t find any real details. Devrom says “it’s believed to work by acting on bacteria in the gut” but that’s not exactly helpful.

Nullo does the exact same thing as far as neutralizing body odors but uses chlorophyllin (a semi-synthetic derivative of chlorophyll) as the active ingredient. Nullo says it works by changing (slowing?) the “metabolic output of odor-producing bacteria”. Perhaps Devrom works the same way. Nullo is a twice a day capsule.

I haven’t tried it yet since my bottle arrived damaged, but like Devrom it’s been used for decades and is well proven. Most importantly, since it’s basically just chlorophyll (like in plants), adding it to Soylent would make Soylent Green. ba dum tsss

While it’s possible to buy both bismuth subgallate and chlorophyllin copper complex as bulk powders, the former is probably the better of the two for a Soylent mix. If the latter is anything like chlorophyll (which it is), it’s probably extremely bitter- like taking a gigantic wheatgrass shot.


Awesome, thanks for the tip about Nullo. I recently tried Devrom for a few days. (For regular food, still waiting on my Solylent) It definitely works like they say it does, but I had a small break of rosacea on my cheek. It might be totally unrelated but I stopped taking it anyway. I’ll probably start using it once I get my Soylent. :smile:

I’m definitely going to look into Nullo.

“Soylent would make Soylent Green. ba dum tsss”



Nullo looks to have a high copper content. Might not want to take too many of those…


Some people mentioned Beano. Heard of it?


Beano is one of many digestive enzyme supplements on the market, which help you better break down complex sugars. As a result, it reduces gas. I use digestive enzymes too, but they’re very different in their results.