Why is 2.0 sold in units of 12?

Before 2.0 Soylent was sold at the smallest level (one pouch) = one day. After that the next smallest was one week (seven pouches). And everything after that was a unit of weeks.

Now with 2.0 it is sold in 12 packs of 400cal. which if you are consuming 2000cal / day only lasts for 3 days.

For 7 days you would need 28 bottles, but there is no option to buy 28 bottles. You would have to choose between 24 or 36.

For one month you would want 112 bottles, the closest you can get is 108 or 120

Why did they decide to go with 12 rather than something like 28 bottles = one week?


Very few people are drinking 100% soylent 2.0, so there isn’t really a good reason to titrate it by day.


They took my suggestion of base-12.

Kidding aside, it probably has to do with the size of the bottles in relation to the box as determined by their manufacturer.


Units of 12 were a packaging option with the supplier. I might be able to dig up this official answer somewhere later, but this is why.

Edit: And I see @inquirerer beat me by less than a minute, props to his answer.


If you just want to try Soylent out, you might not want to buy a whole week’s worth. How much are people willing to pay just as a sample? To me, over $50 sounds like too much.

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It was never sold as single pouches. Been 7 days per box. Why 12 bottles for 2.0 IDK maybe cause that’s what fits in the box ?


A box of 2.0 fits nicely in my kitchen cupboards depth wise. That may be one reason.

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Suits me fine. I drink 4 bottles a day, so gimme multiples of 4. :slightly_smiling:

12 = 2 six packs. Just like beer.

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All your numbers seem to be for 4 bottles per day, which is 1600 Calories.

The 4 weeks of pouches made sense for anyone 100% on Soylent, but it has a problem since most months are more than 28 days. Bottles of 12 work about the same. 144 would be 28.8 days. Or 120 bottles would be 1600 Calories for 30 days.

The one, two, and three week accounts have always been a bit arbitrary. What do you buy it you drink 1/3 pouch every morning for breakfast everyday for 30 days? There is no way to order 10 pouches. With the bottles, you can get much closer. 1.5 bottles for breakfast would be similar to 1/3 pouch. That would be 45 for 30 days. You can get quite close with 48 bottles.

Really, the 12 bottle packages are more flexible for drinking different amounts of calories.

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[quote=“leecauble1, post:6, topic:24784, full:true”]
It was never sold as single pouches. Been 7 days per box. Why 12 bottles for 2.0 IDK maybe cause that’s what fits in the box ?[/quote]That’s exactly why.

The more square/round a box, the less cardboard is used. Less cost.

5 rows x 2 columns would give you 10, but then you have a rectangular box, wasting a lot of cardboard.

3 rows x 3 columns = 9 but it’s cheaper to ship more in a single box.

4 rows x 4 columns = 16 could of also worked, but then you probably run into weight issues.

4 rows x 3 columns = 12. The best choice.

Geometry is the same reason why many other things are sold in 6, 12, or 36 packs.

[quote=“inquirerer, post:3, topic:24784”]
Sure. As soon as we switch to the metric system. Metric sucks. Base-12 (dozenal) is where it’s at! Also, if we used base-12 (dozenal), we would be celebrating a new century![/quote]Arithmetic would be a good bit easier in a base 12, or 6 system. Since it divides easily into other numbers.


Yep, because months are of varying lengths, whereas per week is always per week. :]

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Despite the uneven number of days in a month, I would prefer buying a month’s worth of Soylent at a time. My Social Security comes once a month. My gas bill comes once a month. My electricity bill comes once a month. My water bill comes once a month. My rent comes once a month. My cable bill comes once a month. And so on.

To me, a bill of over $200 a month is a significant amount. I have to plan to make sure that I have enough money to cover it. Having to plan for an expense that comes at irregular dates is a little bit harder than getting the money together on a certain date every month.


While the calendar date is irregular, the interval is perfectly equal. And most of my bills are a different amount each month. I survive. Anyway, I prefer equal intervals of food over monthly bills. Makes more sense to my tummy.

Oh gawd this is gonna get pedantic.

Ten 12-packs, if you go 100%, is 30 days. That’s closer to a month than the dry Soylent order of “four weeks.”

Average month is 30.417 days; I don’t see them selling that increment.
No, wait, it’s a leap year… average month this year will be 30.5 days. Still, that half…


I’m mainly buying powdered, so there are no 12-packs. I thought they might charge on the basis of 30 days and give you the 31st day for free, and charge less for Feb.

You are supposed to drink six bottles a day despite it says five per day.

What? You can drink as many as you like, actually. Each bottle is 400 calories, so six bottles per day would be 2400 calories.


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