Why is Soylent now shipping from Pennsylvania instead of California?

It’s taking 5 times as long. Why would they do that?

CA meaning Canada or California?
(I assume PA is Pennsylvania?)

Was this a recent change that you noticed in your shipments?

California, I used to get them from Los Angeles in one day. This one has been in transit for a while from Pennsylvania.

Possibly because the CA warehouse is low on inventory.

Perhaps the closer warehouse was out of stock?

Edit: mellored beat me to it.

Yeah, could be. Must cost them a fortune in shipping. Couldn’t find a thread where anyone else mentioned it. I figured the snow storms would force shipping from Ca. instead.
Thanks for input though.

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You could email customer support ( info@soylent.com ) and they might be able to update you as to the cause?

Ok thanks. Not a huge problem, was just wondering if the Ca. one closed for lack of need or something.

They did mention they were doing inventory on all of their stock recently.

Maybe they are trying to balance out their stock.

Or, maybe they are about to release a new version like 1.6 or powdered 2.0 and need to get rid of the old stock first.


I’m in California and I got a shipment from California on Saturday.


2.0 ? Mine went out Friday, still haven’t seen it, says it’s in transit in PA.

They just shipped me 2.0 today from PA, FedEx says it should be here Saturday so we’ll see. I’m in NM, I think this is the first time they’ve sent me anything from PA.

I was wondering about this too! Isn’t Soylent produced in California? If so, it seems silly that they store it thousands of miles away in PA only to ship it back to California when people here order it. What a waste of fuel! Each time I’ve ordered soylent 1.4, 1.5, and 2.0, it has shipped from the East Coast. Hopefully they will work on reducing shipping distances in the future. I don’t mind the additional time waiting for an order as much as the environmental impact of so much needless cross-continent shipping.

My order of 1.5 did come from California, so I’m sure that for logistical reasons they didn’t ship 2.0 from the California location. They have recently been making some changes to improve delivery and product quality and that must be the explanation. You’re not the only one to have mentioned this, by the way.