Why Kickstarter projects are always delayed



Cannot +1 this enough.


Honestly, I thought most of that was kinda common sense. But very good find.


I agree, with one note. Difficulties connected with product debugging certainly take place to be, but also they become less in process of development of technologies. As an example it is possible to follow Arduino - to build the same microcontroller board for the hobbyist from scratch would be rather difficult task which would take away from it a lot of time. And using the ready fulfilled platform today any fan can develop and assembly rather difficult systems of automatic equipment about a minimum of expenses of time. So this extra time not only because of optimism, but also because of technology level, and this is variable parameter for different technologies, not a constant.

BTW these guys are working on moving rapid electronics prototyping and development to new level with their product. Not surprisingly that they are late a little.