Why no solid versions? Manna would be a good name



I get what Soylent is trying to do, food of the future and all that; but I feel like we’re ignoring the fact that humans are now and always will be animals with animal brains that require animal habits (once we upload into robot bodies we won’t be humans any more, nor will we require Soylent).

Chewing is part of that.

A real, efficient, and sustainable food alternative will utilize both solid and liquid nutrition; there is more to food than nutritional sustenance.

“Manna” would be a good name for a bread/bar/cereal. You can use that. I’m not sure if there are copyright issues with the Bible though…


I think the bible is old enough to be considered public domain.


For some it is. For some it is not. The meals that I will be eating Soylent I will want it to be as easily and quickly consumable as possible. I still plan on going to eat as often as I do now. Furthermore I would guess a solid product would have a shorter shelf life than Soylent by quite a lot.


Really? I thought Disney bought the rights to it a while back…

Oh wait, that was Star Wars, never mind! :stuck_out_tongue:

(that was bad, sorry)


Are there any DIY recipes for solid soylent?


We’re thinking of salty chips to compensate low Sodium in Soylent. Do you like to pre-order?
Leave you message in forum at DIY-soylent Marketplace.


I want to try these. From what I hear they are amazing.


Check out MealSquares. We’re in closed beta currently but should be in open beta soon.


There are recipies floating around here for Soylent cookies, brownies, and waffles. Someone even mixed a bag with a much smaller quantity of water to get a cookie-dough consistency, mixed in some chocolate chips, and ate it like that. If you go the DIY route, there are even more options, including several bread recipies.


axcho: I’m Christian and I laughed.


I’ve been making Soylent “biscuits” by mixing bags with just a bit of water and I can confirm it was tasty enough to eat like a very thick oatmeal/porridge before baking it. I did not try mixing chocolate chips in but that sounds pretty good too. I still have to work on the baking part, they ended up either gooey in the middle or very hard throughout.

Also, I made brownies last night and so far I am in heaven. The extra ingredients only added 510 calories (approx) to the 2010 total calories in Soylent. Since I’m aiming for 1200 per day, this is perfect for me to make a batch and eat it over the course of two days as my only food source. I am going to be giving this a try and seeing how I feel. Might need to add a multi-vitamin to make up for the lost nutrients by only eating half a bag.

@TegidTathal just commented on another thread about the cocoa powder…

Please be aware that Cacao powder actually has nutrients in it. I’m guessing that 8 level tbsp of cacao powder is about 50g

That has 6.9 grams of Iron, 762mg of Potassium and 238mg of Magnesium in it. (Along with some other things, but those are the largest). I’m not saying you shouldn’t make brownies, but most people here seem to ignore the micronutrient breakdown of Cacao powder and it shouldn’t be ignored


Manna is an ok name for solid Soylent, I would also propose Lembas.


MANA is the name of the Czech Soylent knockoff, so it could be a bit (internationally) confusing–


Some nutrients are also damaged by heating.