Why no suger stat in Ingredients?


I started my own personal recipe where I go ahead and add all my ingredients so that I could go ahead and add the right amount of nutritional values since some basic items like flour can yield different nutritional values based on brand. From my understanding we should be limiting our sugar intake on a daily basis. Is there a reason why Sugar is not one of the stats we can add to our ingredients or am I misinformed regarding Sugar?


Are you referring to the DIY site?

Sugar shows as a carb on the nutritional breakdown. If you are preparing your own recipe you will know if you are adding sugar, and how much you are adding as you will be weighing/measuring it as part of your prep.

This thread is available if you’d like to request the carbs be broken down further, similar to how the fats are now perhaps.


Thanks for the info. I was referring to the sugar because some items have their own sugar in them. As an example this soyflour here has 4 grams of sugar per serving size http://www.hodgsonmillstore.com/en/all-natural-flour/soy-flour-71518-05039-001_group .