Why not another Official Soylent Experience


Thought I might add my experiences to the databanks here.

Background: 34, Programmer, Male. Married, four children. I’ve always struggled with my weight, and am at the top end of how much I have ever weighed. My goals with Soylent are to try to break unhealthy food habits, eliminate unnecessary junk meals, and maybe get healthier in the process. To that end, I am trying to go with only Soylent for at least a few weeks, tracking my blood pressure and weight along the way.

Day 1

I made a pitcherful in the blend-tec the night before and this is a day I have to go to into the office. As it was the last day of school, we took the kids out to breakfast, and I patted myself on the back for ignoring the temptation of donuts and kolaches!

Back at the house, I was ready to pack my lunch for the day. I was confused a bit about serving size - how much did I need to drink now and how much did I need to bring with me? I ended up pouring out about 8oz into a travel cup for breakfast and another 12oz into an additional thermos and drove off. I would have liked to have brought more, but I couldn’t find a sealable container that could keep it cold to take with me.

I sipped breakfast on the way to work. In the morning I felt very energized - even without coffee, and I’ve got a 2 cup a day habit. It was surprising how energetic I felt, almost to the point where I felt I needed to go outside to the lobby and run a lap, which was very unusual.

Around about noon the gas came. I was forewarned and forearmed by those who came before me, and I had managed to sip instead of slug down my Soylent in the morning, so that was easier on me than it had reportedly been for some, but it was definitely present. I slowly sipped my lunch ration between 1:30 and 2:30.

By 5:00 I was ravenous! Throughout most of the day I could have ignored almost any snack you put in front of me, but by this point I was ready to eat a truckload of tacos. I don’t think I had packed enough Soylent with me to get me through my workday. I was also starting to feel tired and sluggish.

I got home by 6:30 and pounded down the remainder of Soylent. Needless to say, this was a mistake. The gas pains and cramping hit very hard last night, though I once again didn’t feel too hungry. Energy level was a bit lower than usual at night, and I got tired and sleepy earlier than was typical.

Day 2

I woke up this morning feeling like I could eat a whole pizza. I know some of you haven’t had food cravings on Soylent, but so far the siren song of real food is a palpable thing for me. I poured 16oz and am sipping on that now for breakfast – slowly. At least I am working from home today so the logistics of taking it to go won’t be a factor. I will have to figure it out, though, as I’m going on a road trip this weekend starting tonight!

Weight: 1.8-3lb down from yesterday, depending upon which weight I take from the scale. Likely water weight, as other Soylent folks have mentioned in their own experiences, but I’ll take it.

Still some crampy feelings this morning. My guts are not used to this at all. I normally take omeprazole 20mg for heartburn, and I’m wondering if that plays into it or if it’s not necessary any more.

Evening 2 Update 6/6

Acting on some of the advice I am getting today from you kind folks in this thread, I’ll try using the pitcher directly instead of the blender and add more water. Hopefully these adjustments will make things easier.

I had a pretty productive morning; it was nice to just sit & sip my way through lunch instead of having to worry about where it was going to come from. I had a little bit of coffee concentrate (1oz or so) with 1tsp of half & half with my breakfast. I may be easing off my caffeine but I’m not going cold turkey. I felt good, and have had good energy for most of the day. No real food cravings today, so far. Accompanying this has been around 32oz of water so far today, I try to chug a glass of water with each Soylent “meal”.

Around 3pm things began to take a turn. I’ve been sipping Soylent slowly instead of chugging today, and started to feel very crampy. It’s not the flatulence this time, but straight up liquid #2’s, accompanied by facial flushing and some lightheadedness. I’ve mixed a small amount of salt (one-two shakes of the shaker) with this afternoon’s meal to try to compensate for any lacking electrolytes. I’m bearing with it for now, hoping it will pass, but it’s definitely not something I want to deal with every day, even For Science.


Hey @ironethos! Thank you for sharing your experience. One thing that might help is that 1oz is about 30 calories. So yesterday you consumed about 600 calories throughout the day, which probably explains the hunger problem. The best thing to do with Soylent is have enough around so that you can always eat when you feel hungry. Avoid chugging mass quantities at a time. Excited to hear more about your experience!

We like this bottle:


@soylent Thanks for your reply! Yes, I need to order something like that.

One thing that has me wondering is that when I follow the instructions for blending Soylent that came with the package, I end up with something that fills the provided Takeya pitcher to about 3/4 to 7/8 the way full, there’s still some space, so it would seem my Soylent might be more concentrated than some.


Fill it to the bottom of the ring. It actually takes about 1.5L water. Hopefully those instructions will be corrected in the next go round.


@leecauble1 Would it be possible to add the additional .5 liter after blending? My blender is maxed out at 1L + 1.5cu ice, oil, and powder.


Yes. It would be like topping off the tank. I don’t even use a blender. I just put the top on and shake, shake, shake.


This thermos came up from time to time. I will get one, when my Soylent ships.


Go for the 20 or 24 ounce one. The extra cost is worth it.


Yup, we’re planning on getting new instructions printed next week.


@JulioMiles Nice, any other changes to the instructions? Are they live on soylent.me/#prep yet?


You might want to add general tipps like not gulping down, drink slowly, not like usual junk food, add salt for active lifestyle, drink more for active lifestyle, stay hydrated with water if necassary, keep cold, don’t let it stay for too long especially not warm in a sealed container (will explode) etc. pp
Stomach movement is usual and will wear off. Drinking slowly will decrease it.
Preparation suggestions: a bit of water -> powder -> shake -> oil -> fill up -> shake -> cool over night! -> enjoy. (hint: for on the go drinking add icecubes into your sealed thermos)

So I imagine a Preparation suggestion sheet + general hints sheet aka cheatsheet.


I don’t know if this will help, but I found putting it in a BlendTec made it too light and fluffy. It feels a lot more substantial for me at least by just shaking the jug.

I wish I lost food cravings, I’m 5-6 days of Soylent for the last three weeks, and come Friday night (now) I am relishing digging into nachos, wings, steak or whatever other trouble I can get myself into.


Updated with evening 6/6


Reading your update, I think the facial flushness and lightheadedness is something I’ve been experiencing off and on as well. I just didn’t know how to describe it before. Have you continued having those issues or have they faded away?


@livingparadox I’ve only gone part-time with Soylent on days 3 & 4. I was out of town so I ended up with only 1 out of 3 meals being Soylent on those days, so I can’t say for sure. I’m back on all-Soylent today for day 5, and so far the issues seem to have subsided except for the gas.