Why Not Just Have a Snack/Protein Bar?

Release of what? The ingredients are available on their site as linked to earlier.


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Ah. I thought you meant that the Clif Builders bars had it.

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The Soylent Bar was what brought me back to this site today. I’d have to be convinced that it’s better than the Builders bars, and by enough margin to cover the cost difference.

Don’t assume there will be a cost difference. $1/bar sounds right to me. Especially considering recent comments by RR. The only snag is that they are forcing us to pay extra so they can turn around and donate it. But that’s only $0.25/case, not per bar.

Could be a game changer then :slight_smile:

I am interested in the cost of the Bars, the bars are more intriguing to me than Coffiest. If the nutritional profile is similar to that of the powder/liquid then cost will determine if I will buy the product.


The nutrition information is already posted. Still waiting on price, though.

Anyone wanna make predictions on pricing? I’m betting $2/bar; feeling pessimistic tonight. They could price them pretty high since they’re so highly anticipated.

Closest bet gets bragging rights.

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You can live entirely off of Soylent, it’s not really healthy to live entirely off of protein bars.

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$1.25/bar. …

20 Per Box, $1.50 per bar, $30.00
14 Per Box, $1.75 per bar, $24.50

Why so close/higher than 2.0? RR implied that not shipping the water would make it less expensive than RTD.

Presumably, not shipping the water would be the powdered version of Soylent, which is currently cheaper than the liquid version.

I would assume that the bars have additional manufacturing costs that will be factored in.

  • Packaging cost would be higher than powder.
  • Creating the product, heating, cooling, forming.
  • Shipping would be less than Liquid, and presumably less than powder because more bars would fit in a smaller box.

It would nice to see the bars at $.75 Each, Box of 35 for 26.25

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If those bars are not a complete diet, then they’re not really directly comparable to Soylent.

No offense, but you need to make up your mind what you’re looking for… a bar that’s a supplement to a diet, or a something that’s consumed as meals. Different things are going to be more/less ideal for different purposes (and for different people… you mentioned being BBer, which makes differences.)

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If I get 2/3 of my nutrition from Clif Builders bars then I think it’s fair to say that I consume it as meals and not as a supplement. They are comparable to Soylent bars in the sense that they can provide most of a person’s nutrition, if not 100%. Certainly I could validly consider replacing them in my diet with Soylent bars, which was my original hypothesis. So while they aren’t a complete diet (which no one has claimed) they are directly comparable because they could both be used for my purpose.

[quote=“djodadof2, post:37, topic:24292”]If I get 2/3 of my nutrition from Clif Builders bars then I think it’s fair to say that I consume it as meals and not as a supplement.[/quote]You’d still want vitamin K, vitamin D, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, iron, iodine, etc… It’s not a balanced diet.

Thought the basis of soy, beets, brown rice, and sunflower oil are all ingredients that soylent has used. Just need to get those vitamin and minerals in order, which could be considerable extra time, if not more money. DIY soylent has always been cheaper.


You mentioned you’re taking vitamins to make sure you get the nutrients you need, so it sounds like the Clif bars aren’t quite a balanced diet. Are you factoring the vitamins into your meal cost? Because you wouldn’t need them with Soylent…

Also I think there’s a lot of doubt as to whether multivitamins are actually useful…

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I’ve only taken multivitamins for a tiny fraction of the time I’ve been on the bars, actually. 99% of the time I’ve gone without them. I really only started because our winters are so long that I thought I might be not getting enough vitamin D, but as you say the efficacy of such supplements is not proven one way or the other.

My experience has been that I get a balanced diet, in the sense that I get enough of all nutrients and not too much of any. This is suggested by the facts that I suffer no symptoms of a deficit and that I am fitter and more active than at any previous time in my life. I don’t claim that Clif Builders bars are a complete food though because I do eat other foods. But that’s not my point. I just want to consider whether the pending Soylent bars might be a better option for me than what I’m using now for my purpose.