Why not use soy protein? It is half the cost of whey protein at WinCo


I see pretty much everyone using whey protein isolate in their recipes. What’s the reasoning for this? I know it’s debated, but I’ve seen sources saying soy is just as good as whey.

Near the bottom of this page it talks about whey and soy being equal in terms of weight lifting gains, amino acid absorption, etc. and with none of the negative effects usually attributed to it.


There are many people who have a food allergy/intolerance to soy products. Also, most (if not all) soy products in the US are GMO because of the GMO-based soybean production in the US. For me, I will definitely be avoiding soy. My wife has a large intolerance/allergic reaction to it and, I avoid GMO as much as possible. In fact, I’m looking for a replacement for Lecitin as an emulsifier because that’s soy-based as well.


I only skimmed it, but that article didn’t seem to debunk the supposed negative effects of Soy for men.


One important concern when choosing your protein source should be WHAT proteins you get.

You don’t need just any protein, you need a whole range of specific ones.

The mix you get from Whey is usually considered (close to) ideal - it’s hard to get everything you need from plant-sources though.


I’ve stayed away from Soy ever since I read this:


I don’t want to read 5 pages, but are these negative effects really significant and not just individual cases? And not propaganda by interested parties?

I definitely don’t want those negative effects but I’m also skeptical and there are definitely claims that you can get the same benefit at half the cost.

Yes, amino acid composition in protein is important but the article I linked claimed that soy and whey are equal. I don’t know if this is true.



Soy protein is a complete protein, like whey protein, but it has a different BCAA profile and a significantly lower biological availability, making it not nearly as good for athletes. The studies showing increases in estrogen and decreases in testosterone are conflicting, but it looks like they are probably minimal to non-existent. Getting 100% of your protein from soy is probably not a good idea, but using an 80-20 whey/soy blend would be fine.