Why only Humans base their nutrition on numbers?


From all living organisms, only humans condider statistics to determine what to eat. And their will be always someone telling you that you must add this or that in your diet…
Why always looking for the maximum elements to consume ? For me, it’s the inverse, like all other living organisms : try to live with the minimum available in your environment… A monkey eats mostly always the same thing all his life and he never bother about Iron, nor Omega 3…


Short answer: Because we can.

Long answer: That animals eat the same diet all its lifes don’t means that their diets are ideal. They are adapted to get the most out of its available diets, not the other way around. Humans have the methods needed to determine their ideal diet and the infrastructure needed to implement said ideal diet, so the obvious choice is to do just that.

Additionaly, humans are the only (or one of the few) specie that has made a significant change in its dietary habits (develop of agriculture) in an evolutionary-short time span. So more reason to be sure that dietary intake is adequate.

The current effectivity of said approach is another matter, however.


Because only Humans have the concept of nutrition and numbers?
The first monkey to come up with a diet plan is likely to end up on the front page of the New York Times lol


And zoo animals often lead much longer lives than their wild counterparts due, in part, to a provided balanced diet.


That is a pretty funny statement. Do you ever know how the medical «science» determined the daily body vitamins, minerals, etc needs ?
They feed average people (that are all sick to a level) with specific amount of chemicals, and then they analysed their pipi & caca… and they simply substrat !!! They don’t and can’t analyse what goes out by the lungs, nor skin. All daily requirements are made for the economy, not your Health.


Well sorry to contradict you, but Humans are the only one that don’t have the concept of nutrition. The Universal Law of Nutrition is :
1- must be pleasurable to the eye
2- must be pleasurable to the nose
3- must be pleasurable to the mouth…
And in it’s natural state (as Nature offers it).
Humans are the only living organism that do not follow this Law, and it is the only ones needing doctors and drugs (the most lucrative business of all)…


So, you prefer then to live in a zoo ? Which animal is happier ? And they live longer mainly because the absence of predators… Not at all from the diet. By the way, all animals in zoo received, like humans, a lot of drugs… Most of them lost their teeth…


It’s hard to understand what it is you’re actually trying to say, but if you do have some valid point(s) to prove, please post citations.


It’s hard and maybe impossible to measure objectively which animal is happier, if they even have the ability to feel happiness. If you could please cite a source proving that animals are less happy in zoos, that this is due to their diet, and that most of them have lost their teeth due to “[receiving] a lot of drugs”.


For one, you said “Universal Law of Nutrition” and then proceeded to list three “Laws” (plural).

Alright then what exactly do veterinarians do?
That’s a pretty lucrative business, too.


You affirmed freely that animals in zoo live longer because of their balance diet. You did not give any citations or proof about this !
Just visit any zoo, and ask the employees, all animal receive drugs on a regular basis. My point is that they do not have a balance diet… And that’s why they need to be on medication. It is simply the same absurd concept used for humans. My other point was that what is the meaning of living longer if your are living in a prison? Are you living in a prison ? Me not, i live in Nature, mostly all the time naked and gathering fruits around.


Well, cam made that statement, not me. I don’t know anything about the living conditions of animals in or out of zoos, and I certainly wouldn’t claim that nature isn’t healthy for humans, since I really don’t know and am open to anything. Unlike most people here, I do follow a whole foods approach to nutrition, but also unlike you, I base that approach off of medical articles. I would say I’m in the middle of both ways of thinking.

Well, this may be very shallow of me but are you male or female?


I’m a male dealing and writting about healing for the past 30 years. I’ve analyse the vegetals and animals natural datas about life extension (why a specie lives longer than another one…). I experiment a lot of things with my body. I mostly apply the monodiet rule, and do a lot of fasting. I do not respect at all any scientific datas, because they are all false and compiled with an economic principle and with intoxicated people.


Interesting, do you have links to anything you’ve written?
And what is the monodiet rule?


I would love to see your survivability in the australian wilderness :v

The evidence for that comes from animals dying of malnutrition in nature, and the age at which they die for complex reasons (aka old age). Shocking fact: Not 100% of all animals in their natural habitat die at the hand of predators, so this data is out there, and let me assure you it is collected.


Well there’s your problem.


Then you’re not here for conversation. You can’t reason someone out of a belief they didn’t reason themselves into.


Also, did @AngelEden imply that the scientific community are all drunks?


More like that all of humanity is medicated, researchers included.


I’ve got only one book available for now in English : Detoxication. Very condensed information. The most important thing to realize is that before trying to change your diet or to live on a miraculous product, you must first detox your body to a certain level… Otherwise your intoxicated organism (which we are all to a certain level) can not assimilate properly the nutriments. And that’s why the majority who are trying, failed… Even got sicker… www.peupleconscient.com/detox