Why ship 2.0 with ALL the water?

Hopefully someday 2.0 can come in powdered form but let’s suppose that at present there does need to be some liquid content (perhaps for the high quantity of oils?)

What if instead of shipping the bottles with 400ml of liquid they just contained 200-250ml of a thicker sludge… Just add water (kinda like 100%Food). Heck I’ll probably be adding water anyway after drinking a bottle just to get the last bits and well… for the extra water.

Just imagine how much more efficient (less costly) the shipping would be…


Imagine the complaints from people who don’t mix the extra water…
Anyways, it would still be a huge box to drive around.


True… I really don’t know how much the shipping costs would be impacted. I do feel a little sorry for the delivery guys who would have to drop off 10 or 12 of these 10+ lb boxes (for someone who was on the 28 day powder plan, looking for complete replacement)

They deliver heavier boxes all the time. You need to be in decent shape to be a delivery-van driver.


Soylent 2.0* will be the first type of Soylent to hit store shelves. (*or whatever # it will be by then) Makes sense to be fully pre-mixed rather than partly mixed, or just another powder version.


Agreed retail should not require any additional water… So I did a little checking to see what UPS ground costs to ship 6lb vs 10lb half way across the country… The numbers I got were $17 for 6lb and $18.5 for 10lb. No doubt RL pays a lot less than that (not sure if the discount is absolute or proportional… Probably both). So either way it looks like shaving 4lb off the box would amount to less than $1 savings per box. Oh well, seemed like a good idea at the time. Never mind.

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I’m more worried about my weak ass trying to carry the boxes inside…