Why should I consume my Soylent within two days?


The instructions for Soylent tell me that after making it I should consume it within two days…I’m wondering why this is?

It seems to me to be a lot easier to make an entire packet worth of Soylent in one go using the official container than to try and divvy it up into multiple single servings…but I doubt I’ll consume an entire Soylent bag in two days…I’m thinking maybe a week…at least till I adjust to it.

Why the two days notice? What happens after two days?

I know there are lots of foods I consume sometimes for days or weeks after their “expiration” w/out any ill effects…is this the same w/Soylent or is there a good reason not to consume Soylent after two days?



I think it is generally 2-3 days and there are two reasons. First oxidation neutralizes some of the vitamins. Second, you have created a nutrient slurry that is seriously attractive to bacteria etc so it is likely to spoil. If you are male (as your Avatar suggests) then I would think you would easily go through a pitcher in 3 days. 1/3rd a day replacing basically one meal a day.


Don’t do it. I was thinking the same thing until I tried it a couple times.


Thanks. I’ll make sure to consume mine in two days. :smile:


I’m so glad this thread came up when it did; was just about to have the rest of the probably-bad Soylent in the fridge for breakfast. Bullet dodged.


Stuff grows easily in nutrient dense environments … even if it’s cold :slight_smile:


I didn’t clean wash my Blender Bottles for a couple days and it was pretty stinky when I opened them. This is DIY soylent, but I can confirm bacteria love the stuff. I believe I’ve heard of people getting gnats if they left some out. Once you mix it in water, it’s a bug/bacteria free for all. That being said, the same thing happens with “normal” food just slower so it isn’t anything new.