Why so many carbs in Soylent "official"


I see lots of do it yourself recipes and lots of athletes like a higher protein lower carb profile. I tend to agree and was just wondering why the macro split is so carb centric. Cheaper to produce?


If you search around the forum, you’ll find lots of discussion about this. This is the first result I’ve found. Other discussion (If i remember correctly) is in the various update threads.




Carbohydrates are the primary energy source for humans, which is Soylent’s main target demographic.

Low-carb can be effective for weight loss (deliberately invoking an alternate metabolic mode called ketosis), but is bad for overall health, as it’s not the way the human body is supposed to function long-term. It’s merely a failsafe to allow temporary survival when carbohydrates are not available…

Soylent’s 114 grams of protein is far more than most people need (US RDA for adult males is 56 grams); the tiny minority of the population that needs more can easily add their own protein powder.

The 70 grams of fat per day is a suitable value for almost everyone. For those desiring more, additional canola oil can easily be added.


Most athletes add more protein calories and have less carbs. Only reason I asked. Competing products to soylent also seem to use less carbs, so I was just interested on how they arrived at this macro split.


Ok, so you’re wondering the reasoning behind why they chose it.
You’ll find a lot of information about macronutirent ratios around, and most of them are the breakdown that Rosa Labs decided to use.
Here’s one example: http://www.livestrong.com/article/388545-macronutrient-ratios-in-a-diet/