Why Soylent Didn't Work Out For Me


I ordered my soylent during the original kickstarter and received it last August.
I probably spent about a solid week on pure soylent 1.0 before dropping off. I had about 2.5 boxes left that had been sitting for months untouched before I tossed them last week.

My motivation for starting soylent was to get healthier and lose weight. Also the ease of everything appealed to me.

The week I spent on soylent was fine, I didn’t really have any issues besides gas.
The second week I just started doing breakfast/lunch.
After that I just kind of quit making it.
To be honest soylent wasn’t much easier than normal food for me, also I missed the variety of food I regularly eat during that weeks time.
I ended up losing 50+ pounds without the help of soylent.
Getting up early in the morning and mixing up soylent or preparing it the night before seemed like a hassle. Also, managing all the containers was more than I was used to.
I found it easier to just eat raw fruits or vegetables whenever I need something to eat.
I also love cooking and would routinely choose doing that over mixing up some soylent.
I probably ended up spending much more money on groceries, etc. but that really wasn’t important to me.

Overall I don’t have anything particularly negative to say about soylent, it just didn’t really fit into my life like I thought it would. I’m curious if others had had this experience as well, but I doubt those who did would still be posting on the forums if they were no longer using soylent.


It’s good to know, thanks for sharing.


I had sort of the opposite experience recently, where I made homemade mac & cheese (delicious!) and was nearly overwhelmed by the complexity of what is probably one of the simplest dishes to prepare. I found myself both thankful for boxed mac & cheese as well as possessing an even greater appreciation for Soylent.

In reality, I’m sure the second time would go a lot smoother. I took the whole thing very seriously because I didn’t want to screw it up.


I can relate to this, though I still regularly consume Soylent. It’s hard to beat raw fruits and veggies, mixed nuts, or a spoonful of feta or ricotta cheese when it comes to pure convenience. Especially if you want to lose weight. It’s exceptionally difficult to maintain a really balanced diet like that, though, unless you track every single thing you eat.

I also was hoping to lose weight on Soylent but haven’t had any real luck. I haven’t gained weight on Soylent, but I leveled off a few weeks after starting simply because I’ve personally found it harder to make good food choices when I don’t have access to Soylent for one reason or another. My laziness is relative, and the less time I spend preparing food the less tolerance I have for preparing food. That said, the convenience of having Soylent as an option means it will definitely stick around in my house even if I give up on using it as a staple


You are another example of why Soylent needs a bottled option. What would you say if Soylent came in pre-packaged bottles where you just add water? I am on 100%Food and I grab two bottles (breakfast and lunch). Would you reconsider if Soylent came like that- just add cold water?


I can understand the OP. I started missing the variety of other foods after a couple of weeks of going 100%. (not just flavours, but textures, temperatures, smells, you name it)

My weight has remained level while on it. Some folks gain, some lose. That could be solved by RL offering different calorie versions - I’m sure it will come, in time.

It’s not as convenient as I wished it was, either - but it’s much more so than a lot of cooking. I don’t think it could ever be as convenient as, say, nuking a frozen meal.

Its nutritional profile, however, is top-notch, and my main reason for using it. I now consume 100% Soylent on my 4 work days, and 100% “regular food” on my 3 day weekends. (yeah, sweet gig) For me, that fits perfectly into my sweet spot.

Experiences will (and should) vary.


If this was an option I would probably keep a regular stock of said items all the time.
I work in a construction setting, and if I could just bring a bottle for lunch that would make my life much easier.


Did you just diet for the 50+ or did you have a regular exercise regiment as well? When I was losing weight (100+) I found that while diet was great, it was always my physical activity that reaped the highest rewards.


Soylent has helped me by allowing me to have a regular breakfast but for some reason I can’t seem to regularly eat it for any other meal.

I just want to taste something during the day and at dinner. In the morning its great because I usually am trying to get ready and run out the door as quickly as possible.

When I first heard of Soylent I thought I’d be eating mainly Soylent with a few GREAT meals on my free time (maybe once or twice a week). Reality? I miss the taste of a good greasy burger or some french fries too much.


Yep. While one can add a multitude of flavours to Soylent, the reality is that nothing compares to the sensation package that is a good ol’ greasy burger. Or curry. Etc. and so forth. If one isn’t looking for some sort of strict diet, I would steer away from trying to go 100% Soylent. Rather, try a few different “routines” for a while each, and eventually you’ll find something that just fits your lifestyle more “naturally”.


I think the convenience of not going to the store is also quite a bit. And eating fresh fruits is not the same thing as having a balanced diet.


Yeah, “store convenience” is a factor, too.

  • Personally, it’s a moot point. I still need to go to the store for other things, anyway. (not to mention it’s beside my workplace - I even occasionally walk there on my lunch break.) Then there’s shipping delays… (and again, personally: it’s a half-hour drive for me to pick up parcels)


Me too. I would be scared to do this myself, even if Soylent satisfied me 100% of the time. We don’t really know how healthy that would be long term.


Now that you mention it, I have completely stopped buying groceries. I only eat out or Soylent.


I am always worried about having my car towed now that I am living mostly on Soylent, because I park on a public street and no longer drive the car much!


Check your local laws, in Austin, Texas there is no amount of time that your car cannot be parked. Here is the caveat: as long it is in driving condition.

So in Austin as long as the car appears to be in driving condition you can park it there for eternity. Just make sure the tires are aired up and remember to start it every week or two so the battery doesn’t die out.

I have my own car that I park across the street (I can see it from my window) and my girlfriend and I share her car which uses the parking spot my apartment gives me. I only use my car when she is using the car we share.


I think San Francisco would go bankrupt if it had such a law. LOL


I’m sorry you tossed it. That’s some perfectly good food someone would have loved to have.


Most of the initial weight loss came from just a change in diet. When I started to slow down on losing, that’s when I started becoming more active. It was mainly focused on calorie restriction. I tracked everything I ate and all exercising I did.


I actually had a tow notice put on my car in my apartment complex’s parking garage because it had been sitting there covered in dust for a month since I live within walking distance to work and don’t have to go to the store anymore :slight_smile: