Why the change back to round/cylinder bottles? Frustrated


I’m pretty disappointed with the new bottles for Soylent 2.0. The older, square-ish bottles were so much more space-efficient because not only were they shorter, but the flat sides meant they could easily be stacked.

I remember being so excited when the square bottles came out, as it was a real improvement over the original 2.0 bottles. But these new bottles feel like a step backwards to all the problems of the originals: they can only be placed upright or else they roll around, they’re too tall to fit on certain shelves, and they cannot stack (not sideways because of rolling, and not top-to-bottom because the cap is too small to be stable).

I live in an apartment with a half-sized fridge, and it’s now difficult to fit a full shipment of Soylent 2.0 into it. I miss being able to just lay the bottles on their sides without them rolling off the shelf.

I know this is pretty nit-picky, but I’m just struggling to see any way in which this update is an improvement. Unless this shape is much easier to produce for some reason?


The topic was covered. I believe it was because they used a variaty of suppliers that didn’t have availability of the square bottle - they switched to one that was more readily available.

I found the square bottles difficult to open. Holding the bottle while twisting the cap caused the label to turn, more than once I found myself gripping the bottle to excess and when the cap did turn a little would spill , the wife had the same complaint.


We needed to bring on some new manufacturing capabilities in order to keep up with demand and keep the good stuff flowing, so we had to introduce a new bottle as certain lines or manufacturers require certain bottles. We miss the sqround too, but producing enough product was a bigger concern. We’re always looking for ways to improve everything we do though, so I can assure you that we’ll keep working on it.

You can read the official statement here.

While we are sorry you don’t like this iteration of the packaging, we hope the new bottles don’t keep you from enjoying the stuff inside any less!

– John


I have an Original and a cup of coffee every morning. Sometimes I’ll have some Cacao powder for lunch. I love Cafe Chai and Cafe Mocha as well. Haven’t had too much Strawberry yet but it could become a favorite!


I see, that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation!

Oh no still drinking it, just a minor inconvenience. I was annoyed thinking that a designer sat down and said “hey you know what would make Soylent even better? Round bottles!” but if it’s a manufacturer requirement that’s kind of out of your hands.


We try to be very practical over here. We do things for very specific reasons, and there are usually a ton of factors at play. Rest assured we won’t be making any hasty decisions based on one guy’s opinion over here!

– John


Are the round bottles going to be a permanent inconvenience? Or temporary until the square bottle production can be increased? Or just whatever can be manufactured and no real priority for one over the other?

I would carry 4 bottles in one hand/arm and other supplies in the other. Now it is hard to carry a couple bottles.