Why use Soylent?

I am looking to implement soylent in my life and I was wondering why do most people use Soylent? Is it for weight loss? Eating healthy?

Eating healthy, conveniently, and affordably. The weight loss has been nice too.


Convenience, ability to plan purchase of “meals” and the cost compared to eating out.
Funny thing the week I moved to Soylent I gained 5lb and have kept it for the last 5 years.
I admit I do cheat eating real food every once and awhile, but Soylent has been my primary source of nutrients for years. I do get feeling of being full much easier.


I use it for calorie control. I’ll drink half of a package of powder for a day and eat something 500 cal or less when I am trying to lose weight (1500 kcal total). If I am hungry I know it isn’t because I need it, it’s because I want it, and that helps me psychologically. I know that 66% of my calories are complete nutrition.

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TL;DR: I added it to my diet to curb fast food purchases and the eating of junk food.

3 reasons I use Soylent:

1-Cooking is noisy
I am a decent home cook, but I have a sleeping disorder that causes me to be awake at all hours around the clock on a weekly basis. This doesn’t bother me much, but it means that kitchen noises might bother others when I’m ready to eat. Before Soylent, this situation would encourage me to leave my house and get food cooked somewhere else. Having Soylent RTD in the fridge helped me stop doing that about 95% of the time.

2-Simple laziness
In this situation, I’m home, everyone is awake, and it’s totally cool to go make food right now. But I don’t wanna. I would reason with myself that buying fast food/ordering in could be faster – but it depends on so many factors. If I didn’t order, I would reach for some sort of crunchy snack, and eat that instead of a meal. And don’t get me wrong, I still eat this bad stuff because I like how it tastes, but I do it less when I know I can drink a small meal from a bottle, without any real effort. Plus, Soylent is cheaper than ordering food from restaurants.

3-Getting easy results
I’ve been yo-yo’ing around 25-30 lbs lost, and I’m extremely pleased with it. This was a very slow weight loss, because I don’t drink Soylent for a meal every day, just some days when I need the convenience of it. Overall though, I’m extremely happy with the product, and will probably continue to consume the Cacao and Mint Chocolate versions until they stop making it (please don’t).


Do you know what the shelf life of Soylent is? How long does it stay good?

Thank you for sharing your feedback. I can now understand why people integrate Soylent into their lifestyle. Is your goal is to have a healthy weight? or just simply try to eat more nutritional food when possible?

I guess it’s both. I would say I want to lose another 30 lbs to meet health standards, but I don’t know if I would be happy at that weight. Also, knowing that I’m consuming Soylent instead of deep fried garbage food makes me feel a little better about my life choices :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Soylent since the absolute beginning, strictly because I wish I didn’t ever have to eat at all unless I chose to. Since we don’t have “Meal in A Pill”, this is the next best thing. It’s just a nice bonus that it’s also meant I’m eating the healthiest I have in my entire 4+ decade life.


I’m also in the “convenience” camp: spending 20-30 minutes every few weeks portioning out Soylent powder into a bunch of empty RTD bottles makes for an incredibly easy, inexpensive, and nutritious lunch option I can snag from the cupboard before heading off to work (where, upon arriving, I add water, shake, and stick in the work fridge until I get hungry for lunch). I prepare all my other meals from scratch using raw ingredients (cutting vegetables is surprisingly cathartic), so while Soylent isn’t replacing otherwise unhealthy food choices in my particular case, it does free up time I’d otherwise spend cooking for things like exercising or more sleep. I also know I don’t include nearly enough fats (healthy or otherwise) into my cooking, so Soylent does help me to keep those macros balanced out.

Also with respect to how long Soylent lasts: I have bags of 1.8 powder that “expired” long ago but are perfectly fine, and I’ve read posts here of folks having bags dating much farther back that are still just as good. No real experience with old RTD, but my gut feeling (no pun intended) is that those would be best to consume sooner rather than later if possible.

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Thank you for sharing your feedback and I agree that this is the best next thing to “Meal In A Pill”.

Gref thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. I agree it’s got lots of benefits but can I ask you a stupid question? What does RTD mean?

RTD is shorthand for “ready to drink,” also known as the liquid variety that you buy in bottles/pouches (as opposed to the powders or bars). You’ll see that term a lot on the forums!

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Thank you very much for helping me understand RTD Gerf. Have a great week.