Wife just txed me the Soylent has arrived!


Seriously can’t wait to get started!


LOL she’s a keeper for sure! =D


Mine arrived today as well! Sadly, I’m about 700 miles from home, so it’ll be Thursday night before I can try it.


I’m glad it got there…Seems like they’re getting a handle on things…:slight_smile:


Hope she has a poor sense of smell or won’t mind putting up with all the gas :wink:


We’re both very excited to try the stuff and order more…She even joked about using some of the left over oil as “personal lubricant”…Don’t even want to go there…geez…:slight_smile:


well i dont think that would harm the nutritional value…


Yeah, but it sounds a bit fishy to me…


i like where this thread is headed!


Run home Charlie! You’ve got a golden ticket! You’ve got a golden chance to wake your wayyyy!


I regret to inform you {and me} that my wife was messing with me and I didn’t get the dang Soylent…Needless to say, I took away all her batteries and switched her reg coffee to decaf and some other things I can’t comfortably mention here…But she will pay, and pay dearly.


Oh wow. That’s just wrong. So wrong. Cruel & unusual, let the punishment fit the crime!


Through and through a real troll, your wife :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean to tell me you didn’t have email confirmation and fed-ex tracker 15 minute updates? Shame on you.


My partner and I had to sleep in separate rooms for the first week, but then the “all clear” was given.