Wife says Soylent is no better than food


I got my Soylent package today and made my first pitcher and put it in the refrigerator. I haven’t even drank it yet but I told my wife I wanted her to do this with me and her reply was it’s no better than food so why bother? What can I say to get her on board and join me in this journey?


She’s not entirely wrong there. How healthy is her current diet? Does she have time/energy to make healthy food decisions? Does she have and diet related health problems? How much does she pay per month for her food?


Why do you want her to drink it too? I’m sure she’ll want to try it eventually, but pressure won’t work.


Uhh thats a hard one… I honestly think the best you could do, to avoid putting a stick between you two… is that you just start out by doing the Soylent by yourself :stuck_out_tongue: if she preferes normal food, and she doesn’t want Soylent, then that is her choice…

To some people, Soylent is a sin against their religion of Food.


Soylent is food. That’s like saying “it’s no better than steak & eggs” or whatever other foodstuffs. Soylent just happens to be powdered food. It will always be consistently more nutritionally balanced than any other conventional meal, and possibly costs less depending on where you live and what food prices are like there. But like others have said, your best bet is to not encourage her to try it at all. Simply do so yourself and be a living example. If she develops an interest, great. If not, that’s fine too…


:stuck_out_tongue: I think a little information about you two could help us give suggestions if you really want them (other than the just start yourself).

Do you have health reasons to have started Soylent?(Weight/height? high cholesterol? so on?) What did your wife say when you first ordered Soylent? (before it arrived)


I bought soylent because I did a 4 month optifast liquid diet about 4 years ago so I know I can do this and I need to lose about 30 lbs and she needs/wants to lose 40 lbs but she’s not willing to give up her food, nor is she fond of exercise. I on the other hand love to run and do bootcamp workouts. I’m really intrigued with Soylent and have watched many youtube videos about it. I just got my first shipment and it’s 1.1. Assuming I get thru it I’m hoping to get 1.3.


Ahhh, I had a feeling it had to do with weight loss. It’s such a sensitive subject. I agree with what Vanclute said, you just have to be an example. If you start feeling and looking good from the Soylent, she just might want to join the party.


:slight_smile: Keep in mind that quite a few were unhappy with 1.1 because of the enzymes that were added, (it made it thinner and less filling apparently).


i completely agree. Soylent is no better than food. It’s also no worse. It’s just food.


“Wife says food is no better than food”

She’s got you there.

Also, @Jazzmannca, it’s pretty bizarre that you got 1.1 now. Should be 1.3.


When did it ship??? I find it extremely unlikely that it’s 1.1.


One additional thought - keep in mind that Soylent is not designed as any sort of weight loss or “diet” product, so it is not especially low on calories. That being said, many of us have seen weight loss (or in my case, conversion of fat to muscle and inches lost, not so much weight) but just bear in mind that it’s got plenty of calories, though you can easily control portion sizes to dial it into your needs.


Good morning! I chose to start my Soylent adventure this morning instead of last night. I may be wrong about the version I got because I can’t find a version number on any of the packages, oil blend bottles or box that it came in. So I don’t know what version I’m on. I’m happy to report that I drank 8 ounces this morning and found it actually tasted good! I tasted vanilla and coffee and it was a little bit gritty but it was actually good. It was in fridge for over 12 hours so maybe that helped. Also when I made it yesterday I used my Vitamix instead of shaking it by hand. In regards to my wife, we talked about it this morning and she said that she’s not against the product or the company, rather she’s against drinking food because she had to do it 15 years ago after having surgery and she swore she’d never do it again. I have hope she’ll come around but I’m not going to force it. I’m going to do this and see what happens.

I am curious if anyone has “lived” off Soylent for more than 30 days? I ask because a youtube search results in many first timers and many 1 month videos but I can’t find any videos of people lasting more than 30 days. Also there’s a jerk replying to a lot of youtube videos saying Soylent will kill you.


Yes, there are plenty here on the forum who have been eating Soylent since it came out. Like @vanclute right here.
Keep in mind that you don’t have to eat “only” Soylent, you can still eat a nice dinner with your wife and then just drink a glass less :wink:

most people just replace most of their meals with Soylent or even just a single meal.


Soylent is food. That takes no substational preparation, fills you up for hours at a time (I have no idea how a liquid does that) and has all the stuff your body needs in theory. For me it is a great alternative to fast food runs for lunch at work.


The release notes that came with your Soylent has the version number on the front cover.


Glad you enjoyed your first taste! Mine didn’t go so well but that was mostly because it was so new, I didn’t know how to prepare it ideally yet! :smile:

My other half and I have been using Soylent for around 60% to 80% of our daily nutrition since April 30. We of course have occasional days where we have only Soylent, and other days where we have mostly conventional food (friends visiting, eating out a lot, etc.) but I’d say it averages out to around 75% or 80% per day.

Is this “living off of Soylent” though? If you mean 100% exclusively Soylent-only, there are only a small number of people doing that and I’m not sure any of them have been doing so more than a few months. But they are out there.

In case you find any of it interesting, feel free to check out our (mostly my) Soylent videos at www.youtube.com/IamSoylent or our blog at www.iamsoylent.com - you may find some helpful tidbits in either place. :smile:

I see where your wife is coming from as well if she has bad memories of being forced to consume only liquid for medical reasons. Soylent is quite different from that though, so hopefully she won’t find it a constant reminder of something unpleasant. And who knows, maybe eventually she’ll try it, or not. Either way as has been stated, it’s certainly not something anyone has to do exclusively and most aren’t.


Hi! I’m approaching 30 weeks of 95+% Soylent (I occasionally have a non-Soylent snack or eat normal meals in social gatherings). I’m still on 1.1 (happenings and awkward timings have me with a large backlog of older Soylent) and don’t like it as much as previous versions, but I still usually prefer Soylent to other food.


Well, solid food you eat is chewed and broken down so it’s eventually liquid anyway.