Wiki-guide to making DIY soylent


Hi all! I have been working on a guide to making DIY soylent. My motivation for writing such a thing was to pull together the knowledge which has been shared on these forums on the topic, so that people don’t have to go searching in threads to access the information and wisdom everybody here has accumulated. Here it is:

It’s not completely finished, but most of the parts are there.

I made the guide in a wiki format, because I want other people to be able to contribute their knowledge and expertise on the topic, and I want the guide to keep evolving to keep up with the evolving landscape of DIY soylent. You don’t need to register to contribute; just edit away! I will be notified of all changes, and take a look at whatever you do.

Hope it helps! Comments, suggestions?


This is a great idea but can we not extend to include assembly instructions?


I think possibly the main appeal for this would be as a better repository of information, as there is lots of information here already but I think everyone would benefit from having it wiki format. Also my I suggest a section regarding common powder supplements for various nutrients and their content of that nutrient .


well maybe some group agreement on some basics, I think the general opinion is that one should start with macros (protein / fat / carbs) and then hammer out micronutrients so whats everyone think of that as a starting place?


Great work! Recently I’ve been working on a brief guide to fat sources, so I will up that when complete.


Yes, this is supposed to exist; it’s the dead link called “Micronutrient Sources.” I’ll see if I can write it today.

Not sure I understand what you mean; can you clarify?


I thought I would clarify something, for everybody who is intending to edit the wiki. (Thank you very much, by the way!) My idea was not to have wiki pages for individual ingredients, but to link to the ingredient pages on for information on individual ingredients. If an ingredient has a page on which is rubber-stamped (at least three stars), then we link there; otherwise we have a broken link until the ingredient does have a rubber-stamped page. @ianproth @richardtkemp

The hope is to have, on the pages, informative descriptions which say the various things that need to be known about the ingredient, beyond its nutrition facts. So they can actually serve the function of a wiki-page as well as just giving nutrition facts.

I realize that this creates a disconnect between the open-edit nature of the wiki and the current closed-edit nature of I posted about this issue over in the makesoylent thread; I’m suggesting a change to that. (@nickp)