Discourse is great for discussing topics, but a wiki style web page has several benefits to store, organize and centralize information. Currently everything is scattered in blog posts, comments, online documents and in discourse topics.
A wiki to store the main recipe, equipment, production and each component will provide:

-Centralized and organized information

-Peer review

-Always up to date

-More scrutiny for each aspect of Soylent

-Prevent misinformation and personal opinions

There are several wiki software available for free, it’s easy/cheap to setup and maintain. And definitely better than shared google docs :wink:



Hey @talvik,
We are in the process of setting up and managing a wiki network all about Soylent ingredients, various “Mixes”, methods of combination and recommended suppliers.

Stay tuned to our new web portal, Soylent Scene, for updates. Look forward to the wiki being up and ready for contributions by the end of this weekend.

Soylent Scene

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A wiki would be awesome to people can update source lists and other user instructions. It would be great if you tied in the login system to have just one login.


There already is a wiki!


This wiki seems like a one pager and part of just a random site. I believe they were talking about a wiki that is only about soylent and it not part of a larger wiki.


Wikia is just a wiki service, so saying it’s part of a larger wiki is like saying a blog on tumblr is part of a single massive blog. Also, there’s 12 pages.

However, right now, it is poorly maintained (and I’m certainly not willing to work on it) and the only way I found to find pages is dig through wiki activity logs. While not ideal, just make sure you don’t split the audience and end up with multiple mediocre wikis.

I do agree that a wiki would be a nice resource, without multiple copies of topics that are hopefully scientific and not opinionated.


Today’s big task is configuring MediaWiki and getting something up for the community to participate in. If you are familiar with how Wikipedia operates, then you’ll be right at home.

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Soylent Scene

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I agree about not splitting the users since that helps no one. I would just say that whatever wiki source we have, is supported by the early adopters otherwise it will never get the push it needs to.

Also, saying a blog on tumblr is part of a massive blogging system and doesn’t stand out at all. A good blog runs on its own domain (with the exception of a couple like googles blogspot) separate from the hoards of other blogs. People inherently trust a source that is sponsored by the others of the discussion such is rob put a wiki up, people would follow that more often the just a random wiki page.


If you need help with setting up mediawiki, let me know. I have setup a few different one before.


@prefinem I’ve sent you a PM.

Soylent Scene

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@jcanuet I sent you a reply


If you anyone is interested in contributing to early wiki development , join the discussion and let us know!
The Soylent Wiki - Contributor Sign-Up

Soylent Scene

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If you really want a centralized wiki site, it should be hosted at not on some random website. I think should be a one-stop-shop for everything Soylent.


The difference is soylentscene is the unofficial community behind soylent. I would assume the will become a business base for the product.


So this thread kind of just died with out any response from rob or any other wm and the wikis that are linked here seem to be basically dead.

A wiki on this site would be amazing @johncoogan and @rob .


I am very excited about the idea of a wiki. So many of us are learning lots of new things but the new things we learn are buried in threads that eventually fall out of attention. Having a wiki would be great!


Yep, @GodRaine , I wonder if it’ll happen or not. I like wikis, too. Would you like to have a word with @johncoogan about it? Might help.


There used to be one, then they got hacked. :smiley:


Great idea. @Rob and I love the idea of a wiki (we had been thinking about using GitHub before but a wiki makes a lot more sense). We are in the process of setting one up now and will update everyone when is live. Thanks for your patience.

I’m not opposed to wikia / Soylent Scene hosting their own wikis, but keep in mind that the Soylent team will only be updated our official wiki. While it is correct that is a “business base” we are extremely committed to the community and will always share as much information as possible. With our wiki, we will be able to publish detailed information about the ingredients we include, as well as ingredients we don’t (provided we have done the requisite research).

Really looking forward to tracking the formula’s progress and development this way. Thanks for everyone who contributed to this idea / @talvik for proposing it!


That’s great!
It’ll will be a great way to share information with the community. It would nice if the creation and edition of “non-official” articles was open to the community.

While choosing the wiki system, you guys should consider how you will receive and process the feedback and data of thousands of soylent users (weight progression, issues, blood data…). I think most early adopters will be eager to share that kind of information.