We are thinking of using MediaWiki at this point. It seems mature, familiar, and easy enough to deploy at reliable scale. As far as moderation goes, we will absolutely be encouraging contributions from the community in the exact same way Wikipedia does and I’m confident that this will lead to the highest quality articles being created for everyone’s topics of interest.


Will you want DIY stuff on the wiki, or will recipe discussion be limited to the official Soylent? :slight_smile:


That’s an interesting question, and a big part of the reason why I initially thought that recipes would be best shared through GitHub. I imagined an official repo being maintained on our corporate GitHub page and numerous forks created by the DIY community. It lends itself very well to the collaborative formula development we are aiming for, and still might use GitHub for the official formula.

As far as the wiki is concerned, I think there should definitely be articles related to DIY, but it would probably be too much to have a page for each individual formula (although I’m certainly not opposed to that). Initially, we would like to have a page for the official formula, one page per ingredient (detailing nutritional information, cost, sources, and other relevant info), as well as one page per nutrient (i.e. Protein, Fat, Carbs, each micronutrient).

The most useful wiki entries related to DIY would probably codify processes to efficiently plan, order, and manufacture in an average home. General best-practices such as, Soylent for women, Soylent for weight-loss / gain, etc. would likely be more useful than an endless list of highly customized formulas. GitHub seems perfect for that though. We are still working on a cleaning up the data so that it can be presented in an easily forkable & visualizable way.

Thanks for all the input on this everyone! Keep it coming! :smiley:

Will the official Soylent recipe be published?

It doesn’t look like this ever happened. At least, I can’t get to

If you guys are needing any help, just let me know. If isn’t going to produce one, let me know and I will put one up at


Wiki getting going here


Is that yours?

Also, I am just curious as to what software that is running on


@nickp runs, there is a thread (usually on the front page) all about it!


Thanks @richardtkemp


This is a really good idea, we really need a place to centralize much of the information here on the forum.