Will adding fiber to the powder inhibit nutrient absorption?


Hello! I want to add more fiber to my soylent, but I’ve been hearing things about fiber inhibiting the absorption of some nutrients in food - specifically vitamins and minerals. Should I consume the fiber separately or just mix it in for more convenience?


Fiber only does that if taken to an extreme. The FDA recommends around 14g of fiber per 1000 calories for men. So you can safely add 10g without worry. Add the fiber directly to your Soylent.


I see, I guess I’ll order some powdered metamucil and add it in. Thinking about that recommended 28g a day as the target.

Wondering if I should add a large amount to each bag and mix, or if I should just add a bit to each cup. c:


Fiber inhibits some micros, but enhances uptake of others - and like @horsfield horsfield says, you have to go pretty high before it makes a significant different.

I suggest mixing the dry powder with your psyllium husk fiber. It’s feel it’s easier to mix uniformly while dry, and you’ll only need to measure once. If you add it later, you’re more likely to deal with excess clumping, IMO.

You may want to ramp up to the full amount, rather than going all the way in a day.


Hmmmm good point with mixing it while still dry! I guess yeah, ramping up will be a good idea too c: