Will I run out of Official Soylent?


So, I plan on subscribing to receive Soylent every month in their monthly plan, but considering I only pre-ordered a month, and they estimate 10-12weeks, does that mean I’m going to run out of my Pre-Order Soylent and have to return to muggle food for a month or 2?!

Ugh, this has been a frustrating week.


I sure hope not, I have a subscription set too. Julio has been continuing to say for a while that reorders are only going to take 1-2 weeks and will be given priority… so let’s hope.


I just got notified that my reorder shipped out today, so I should have it probably thursday. WHEW!!! Just in time.


Awesome to here! Glad their fitting in the reorders, but you still suck for having it for these past weeks :stuck_out_tongue:


Re-order some non-vegan soylent to michigan please >_>


Reorders have the highest priority. They ship out in 1-2 weeks. The 10-12 weeks is only for new orders.


How do I re-order? filler*


Use the same email address and fill out the form on the soylent site. Your reorder will be processed only after your first order is delivered but you will be charged immediately.


I believe Julio said to order from the new site using the same email and they will go through as a reorder. I would probably shoot him an email or PM after you place the order to insure it goes through correctly.

@vanclute is that how it worked for you?


Darn. People are getting re-orders before I get my first shipment -_-


Did they mention anything about family plans? I ordered 2 months–one for me and one for my brother. I would like to get a subscription, but at that point, the most I will be able to reorder would be a month’s worth every 4 weeks, leaving one of us without Soylent.


There is no way to do that as of today. Best advice is for your brother to make a new account subscription now with his email and wait the 10-12 weeks to start.


Dont worry, I’m sure they’ve figured out another brilliant plan for this Sarcasm


They’ve said they will allow multiple subscriptions, but haven’t rolled out how yet. I’ll need two subs as well.


Unfortunately, you’ll have to place a new separate subscription order for your brother, and he may have to wait the 10-12 weeks.

But… when we all placed our initial orders, we couldn’t have anticipated needing to place multiple orders for multiple people, so perhaps you can send an email to Soylent explaining your situation and asking for your brother’s new subscription to be shipped with priority along with yours. I actually suspect they may be able to accommodate you.


Not so, they will allow multiple subscriptions.


I’m almost certain that members will also need accounts and then Rosa will likely join the accounts under a single family. The account will be tied to an email in that case and signing up now will not hurt, as they are still figuring out how to do this and it may take longer than 10-12 weeks to implement the change. As this is much more complicated to implement than it seems on the surface. Perhaps @JulioMiles might advise us on the best course of action/inaction in the interim.


Yep I just used the same email and it did the right thing. I placed the reorder on May 1, and it’s now May 13 when it shipped, so that’s just about 2 weeks to ship. Glad I placed it when I did. If that pattern holds, then I’m going to have to place my next reorder already in the next few days.

I sure hope they release information about how shared/family subscriptions are going to work! We want to get on a subscription really bad but as it is right now, it seems that we’d get 2-3 weeks worth every 28 days. That would be bad. =(


And they were able to make a tidy profit on your misfortune. Congratulate them on their prowess as a capatilist :wink:


I’ve noticed a trend on these boards, a lot of people sound like drug addicts when they talk about getting Soylent, sorry “needing” Soylent, as if it was as essential as the air they breath or something, many of whom have not even tried the stuff yet. I’m hoping this is just hyperbole, or we are going to have a lot of Soylent detoxers wandering the streets if this company doesn’t survive.