Will it be Sold in Canada


When can I order it in Canada? Does it make you more healthy on average? Does it stop hunger?
I find with products like this I still feel like eating a regular amount will this be the same?


Soylent will be shipped to Canada, the first preorders should arrive in January, not sure when new orders will arrive but I don’t think it would be long after that.
It should certainly make you healthier and I hope you won’t be hungry but feel free to let the people here know if you have a good or bad experience with it and I’m sure there would be a way to help.
And there is no other product like this, what you’ve had before would have been meal supplements. Vitamins and minerals and a few macros that help flesh out your daily nutrition but that come short in some areas and overshoot in others. Soylent is designed to give your body 100% of everything that it needs to thrive, something you could live off entirely if you chose to and still be fit and healthy.


I would like to try this product out. So far I think the order form is only for US customers? I also realize it may not be perfect and easy nothing worthwhile ever seems that way.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I am also in the product promoting business and think this may be a product I would support. First I would like to try it out for myself for a week if I can.

I would also rather use Pay Pal if possible but I am curious enough to use my credit card one time, I can cancel it if there is any problems anyway. Can you let me know where to order the soylent and i will send an order?


Well you can buy it here, no idea if it accepts Paypal or not.
I’m still pretty sure they post to Canada even though it does say US only, I have a friend living in Canada at the moment and he’s ordered some.


Any update on Soylent being shipped to Canada?

As the order page requests credit card information before asking for the address, I do not wish to proceed until I am sure I will be able to receive the product. It is possible that the friend of grantadevine’s, as shown in a previous reply, may have used a re-mailer service of some sort.


There is a guy selling Soylent on Ebay with shipping worldwide. I live in Canada and ordered some. Cost just over $300 total for 1 month. Just search “Soylent” on eBay, he might still have listings up.



I can’t be absolutely certain, but I would have thought that selling an item on eBay that does not yet exist is against eBays terms of service. Anybody sending this guy money before soylent ships is taking a huge risk