Will other countries allow it to come in?


I have CADASIL, a genetic and progressive condition which usually ends when we inhale food or liquids (aspiration pneumonia). I live in Panama. Panama seems to have issues with food stuff coming in through customs, even for our pets. Is there any way your corporation can help us if we order from you? They now delay food stuffs for too long. Can you get an agreement to allow it to come in? I know you have no control, but perhaps the U.S. Embassy can help those of us as a Compassionate Care issue?


The recipe is open source and most ingredients can be had from nutritions shops. I suspect you can make soylent locally fairly easily.


I am dying slowly of CADASIL. I need such a thing prepared and am willing to have that done and pay for it. I doubt that Panama has the ingredients as they are very weird here about food supplements. In all, it would not be a viable option for me. A message like yours was completely unhelpful as you didn’t have understanding of what I said regarding CADASIL. Besides, your response was in no real way related to the question, and I really doubt you work for the company!


@ruipacheco Rui, I’m sorry, and please excuse my saying this, but I doubt that we should be telling people at this point that “the recipe is open source.” At this time I know of no “open source recipe” that is up to date and complete for official soylent. At the soylent blog there is a list of ingredients with no quantities given, no specific products or sources mentioned, and a disclaimer which states;

Please note that the above list includes the major ingredients of Soylent, and Soylent contains some vitamins and minerals that are not listed above.

Here on the forums there are links to probably a couple dozen different variant soylent formulae and recipes, none of them the same as the “official soylent” that will ship from the Soylent Corporation in August.

So – again I must apologise for saying so – but at best it is rather misleading to tell people that the recipe is open source. Probably it will be, eventually; but no open source recipe from the corporation seems to be available at this point in time. Perhaps what we should be doing is inviting people to spend some time studying the posts and recipes offered here on the forum, in order to learn about the principles of soylent, and stressing that everything at this stage is still experimental and exploratory, rather than a finished developed consumer product.


I woud appreciate the company’s response. Not interested in a misdirected tete-a-tete unrelated to my posted question.


I don’t know about you, but if I was dying from some disease and I was unable to acquire products that could potentially help my condition because of restrictions where I lived, I would move somewhere else. Not to mention I’d be much more polite to the people trying to help me when I inquired about said products.


Then you might want to contact the company directly. This is not a “contact us” page. This is an open forum for anyone to discuss Soylent and peripheral issues. ruipacheo was trying to help in a perfectly reasonable way given the medium of your question. There is no need to be rude.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


That, or perhaps it may be neither one. The Wikipedia article on CADASIL (“cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy”) clearly states that cognitive decline and overt subcortical dementia are expected aspects of the progress of the disease. So her behaviour may not be entirely under her volitional control.


Agreed. I think it’s a dangerous territory to slip into knee-jerk assumptions (memetic insults especially) of anyone that comes in asking questions.

We’re going to get posts from people that haven’t read through the discussions, simply because without a centralized point for FAQs, it can be a bit overwhelming to newcomers.

We can’t let ourselves be quick to judgement on those new to the discussion. It only serves to close us off from the public at large.

This is a little too close to what I was worried about. If @IAMJTSA needs direction to contact the company directly, then so be it. The information isn’t exactly the most straight forward to find at the moment; soylent.me -> blog -> bottom of second most recent blog post.

@IAMJTSA: You can contact the official representatives for questions at info@soylent.me

Otherwise, the best we can do is answer questions where relevant, and discourage posts of a vitriolic nature that only serve to ostracize the community as a whole.


Of course. But that doesn’t meen they need to be rude about it and belittle those people who try to help them. We can be open to newcomers, but they also need to be open when they ask questions. This is a public forum. That is the kind of answer you’re going to receive. If that shocks you, then you’re in the wrong place. There’s a fantastic community here of people helping each other out, and people attacking them for no reason are not going to be receive perfect civility in return.


You should be able to obtain medical liquid nutrition products if that is appropriate for your condition.


I DO NOT work for the company. I’ve just been here for a long time, since the beginning in fact.

My response was useful, given the facts on the table. I’ve no clue how Panama treats nutritional supplements, but I am surprised they’re treated differently than other countries do.

And if you pay attention to the forum you’ll notice others are making their own or customised versions of the original recipe.


Unfortunately we aren’t accepting international orders outside of Canada, Mexico, and the EU at this time. Once we begin producing Soylent, we will begin exploring export to a wider range of countries, at which time we’ll have a better idea of when it will be available in Panama.


Are you going to do this on every new thread going forward? Because it got old after the first one.


How funny, MY post got flagged by ‘multiple people’.

As far as I can see, NO WHERE in her condition does it state she is more likely to be incredibly rude due to an actual defect, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. More likely to be rude just because you are suffering in a lot of pain doesn’t count.

REGARDLESS, the information is out there and is easy to find… we all managed it?


Pay it no heed, Benji, not worth the worry. I sure wasn’t among those who flagged your post. What puzzles me is what sort of convoluted thought process could have led her to come here demanding that we tell her when freaking Panama of all places is going to let Soylent enter their country! I mean, she might as well have asked about Kazakhstan. The product isn’t yet even being manufactured, let alone shipped, and I think they are doing great to have concluded arrangements of any sort for Canada, the UK, and (I think) the EU! And how would WE know, anyway? I just hope she tries that kind of stuff on with Panama’s Aduana (customs)! Odds are she’ll be unceremoniously slung out of the country; I doubt if they have much tolerance for rude behaviour.

I figured there were about two possibilities: either she’s a particular species of New Yorker – or else it’s just incipient dementia. I mean, why on earth would anyone come onto a forum where they had never been before, ask for info, and straightway be that rude entirely without any provocation? Something wrong there!


I live in Costa Rica, and I will agree with the OP that Customs is very strict on what they allow into the country. Not to mention, anything that is successfully imported (at least here in CR) will carry a high import tax, that makes the product not even worth it. For instance, in order to buy a regular 4lb tub of whey protein (that costs about $60 on bodybuilding.com), you’ll expect to pay $100-120 in local retail stores.