Will Previous Subscriptions That Are Backordered Auto ship?

I’ve had a subscription for 1.6 for several months now and it’s obvious that my Oct. 8th shipment is not coming. Will my backordered subscription shipment automatically ship as soon 1.6 becomes available or will our subscription not ship until the next scheduled shipment date? ( Mine would be Nov 8th). I would like to get it ASAP rather than wait until the next scheduled date even if I have to put in a single one time order to get me to my next subscription ship date.

Please advise.

Usually you will get better results from asking customer service not us. My guess is that they will ship overdue Soylent ASAP and start counting your subscription from that date. You’d think that might cause a problem, though, because every month from then on they would have this huge bump when everybody’s subscriptions restarted?

@Conor has said they will ship in the next scheduled date. Probably can’t handle the burst.

It is my understanding that once the powder is back in stock, it will ship on your next bill date. If you were charged for an order that hasn’t shipped, you should have gotten a refund.

But once it comes back in stock (they hope it’ll be sooner than October 25), you could always use the “Need More Now” button to push up your subscription bill date.