Will RL become a publicly traded company?

I got curious about jobs at Rosa Labs today and saw this job posting.

Under “Key Competencies”, it lists:

Experience in transitioning companies from private to public preferred

Is this suggesting that we might be able to buy Soylent stock soon? What do you guys think about RL becoming a publicly held company?


It would be unfortunate and I’d just hope it wouldn’t affect their pricing or ingredient choices. It’s possible to be a publicly traded company and not be partially subservient to investors who only care about their bottom line, but it’s statistically unlikely.


RL has ambitious plans, and it may be that only a big infusion of cash will allow them to do what they need to do. Maybe going public is the easiest route to going mega.

Certainly this is a scary possibility.


Eh, if they go public just to raise capital and don’t become slaves to the shareholders financially riddled demands for higher stock prices it’s not a bad idea.

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They’ve already raised investment capital so I doubt they have a need for public funding, unless Rob decides some day that he wants to cash out.

I hope they stay private so that they can keep to the original goal of providing Soylent at as low of a cost as possible to consumers. Going public might interfere with that.

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