Will Soylent make you superskinny?


Hello, I am wondering if Soylent will make you super skinny if you live of it?
So is this really a weight loss supplement that I can loose weigh from?
Cause the supplement seems like something that makes you not have to chew or eat, so this would make your stomach smaller and also rest of your body. Will buy it soon!


I’ve been on people chow for almost 3 weeks and have lost almost 10lbs. Like anything, it’s just a simple way to count your calories. The only way to lose weight is to create a 3500 Caloric Deficit (3500 Calories = 1lbs of fat). Look up how many calories you need to eat to maintain your weight. If you undercut that you will create a deficit of that amount, working out also widens the deficit.

Hope this helps! I think Soylent is the BEST way to lose weight for those with willpower. Easy, Simple, and Perfectly balanced nutrition. 2000Calories a day, I make massive caloric deficits without even trying.


I think it’s not something that will necessarily make you lose weight by virtue of itself, but by virtue of how different it is from what you eat now.

A lot of cravings can be partially blamed on deficiencies in this, that, or the other. If you’re using Soylent, you shouldn’t have those deficiencies, and should have less cravings. That’s not to say you won’t still want junk food to some degree or another, and the amount by which cravings are decreased are probably going to vary a lot from one person’s situation to the next.

But as a whole, if you have extra weight because of eating less-than-healthy, Soylent will probably help you drop some of it.


I’m not looking for super skinny. However, I think that the difference between Soylent and muggle food is that I can track the actual calories with Soylent. I think that if I stick to 2000 calories (verified) per day that I can slowly get back to a healthy weight. There’s nothing magic about the actual potion though. If I drank milkshakes, I would be undernourished and even more obese.



It all comes down to calories… but the main different between diet shakes and soylent is… you would probably get very sick if you only drank diet shakes as food, while you would probably feel better drinking “only” soylent… also, diet shakes often have almost toxic levels of nutients if you were to get enough calories to sustain yourself…


Actually, I’d suggest that it’s a very good way of losing weight for people without a lot of willpower. If you get your BMR/intake calculations right and then commit to eating nothing but the soylent, weight loss over time should be more or less automatic. I think people tend to run into more difficulty with overconsumption (and/or underestimation of actual caloric intake) when their intake is more free-ranging.


Bam! You nailed it to the wall!


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I’m not sure that it would make your stomach smaller. I guess it depends on how big your stomach is to begin with…

A single serving of my DIY blend comes out to 15oz a serving, which I usually try to drink in a minute or two. My stomach actually initially had to stretch to comfortably accommodate all that liquid in such a short amount of time.

If you’re already fairly slim and sedentary, drinking a full day’s portion of Soylent could conceivably make you gain weight. It’s 2000 calories, which is about what a sedentary female needs to maintain a healthy weight. If you’re really looking to be “super skinny”–to the point of being unhealthily underweight–2000 calories a day will not get you there.