Will Soylent work for me?

Basically, I have a super high metabolism rate and I’m pretty low weight. I do not need to lose anymore weight, in fact, I need to gain weight. However, after reading almost every article/ trial on Soylent, the people lost weight. So, is there a way to gain weight, if I work out as well or something?

There have been a number of people on this forum with your goal. Soylent can definitely help. You can consume as many calories as you like from it. Soylent makes it easy to get all the calories you need without filling you up. So you could consume a bag a day on top of your normal food.

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Have you been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism? Sorry to ask, its just that most people are not as aware of their eating habits as they think, so your low weight is likely due to your low caloric intake. If you think this is a glandular problem, you should talk to your doctor and see about getting the proper treatment. With the right treatment, your weight won’t fluctuate more than 10lbs or so and it would be easy to put them on (or take them off) with the appropriate lifestyle changes.

I was an under eater myself and Soylent helped me gain at least 10lbs. I wasn’t quite underweight but I was at the lower end of the BMI spectrum and it was starting to concern me. Soylent is less filling than solid food (to me anyway) so its easier to get more down. I’d say just don’t drink more than 800kcal at a time. One user here tried to drink a whole day’s worth in one sitting, though from his failed correspondence it seems he was probably just lying. Either way, don’t try that! lol

If you’re underweight, you’ll need more than 2,000kcal a day to lift weights. You can do cardio exercises, but this is more for cardiovascular and respiratory health than it is for weight management, and it is more likely that you will actually lose weight than gain any. If you do plan to lift, I’d recommend subscribing to a month and a week side-by-side to get all your calories. That would bring you up to around 2500kcal a day, which is in the range of novice lifter, but I’d encourage you to snack a lot too.


Have you ever tracked your calorie intake? If you currently eat less than 2000 calories a day you’ll start gaining when you switch to Soylent.

I’d recommend Soylent + some protein powder if you want to gain muscle, along with strength training.

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I’ve gained weight since I started Soylent and soylent (DIY). Not a lot, but I was only a little under weight. Currently I’m doing 67% Soylent (V 1.4), 33% soylent (my DIY) and another couple hundred calories from “normal” food. Yes I know that adds up to more than 100% but I think of it in term of nutrition not calories so I don’t count the “normal” food. I would love to go 100% Soylent but I’ve had gas problems with some of the batches.

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If your issue is being unable to take in enough calories in a day to meet or pass your BMR, Soylent could help you by setting a goal as to how many calories to take in per day. It’s super easy to track.

If your issue is glandular (as @sylass94 said, look in to hyperthyroidism), and you need more than 2000 calories per day, a lot of people supplement their soylent with things like protein powder (I’ve even heard heavy cream works well to really boost caloric intake).

Ultimately, whether the goal is weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance, Soylent it really convenient because it’s so easy to track caloric intake.

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