Will Soylent work for youth?


im 15 years old at 130 pounds. I’m curious if Soylent will cause me to drop weight and and muscle and also wether it has enough carbs to keep me going all day.


Since you could easily add more oils which is primary source of carbs, I doubt carbs is a big issue. Just make sure to make adjustments so it won’t go over bounds of some nutrients.


Say what now?

Oils are primarily fat. And why does the OP want to “drop weight and and muscle”. Don’t you want to drop weight and ADD muscle?


Actually you’re correct. Isn’t oat or rice primary source of carbs?


Oats have some carbs but not a huge ammount


Huh? Check http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/cereal-grains-and-pasta/7440/2 .

100g of oat flour contains 66g of carbs, only 6g of which are fiber. Between that and the maltodextrin (which has the most mass of any individual ingredient), Soylent’s got a ton of carbs.


It depends on your energy needs. If you need around 2000 calories, then you won’t loose weight on 3 soylent meals. Soylent is also quite high in protein (around 110 gram I believe). So no worries about muscle mass.

If you need more calories. You can buy some maltodextrin and canola oil and add as much of those two, until it meets the calories you need.

If you don’t know how much calories you need, the only way to find out is, to try something out, and see if you loose weight or gain weight.


I started soylent because nutritionally, I was in a fucked position. Not enought food. Started when I was 18, at 130, and extremely physically active. I wasn’t healthy accornding to the doc’s, now a year later (on soylent ) I’m at 164, its mostly muscle mass.

Its an experiment, evaluate the cards you have and move forward. It may be a good option.