Will the copacker be using robots to pack the soylent?


I’m kind of curious how this kind of operation will work. Will individuals be measuring/weighing out all the ingredients, or will it mostly be automated? I would assume it’s automated but then I think maybe not since they are staggering the orders over a couple months. If it was mostly automated it seems like they could process a LOT of orders quickly.


Then again the copacker could be busy with other clients.


Sounds like a plan for the Soylent guys: get some pics of the copacker’s operations, so we can see how our product is being handled and put together and packed. Or maybe even a video, following it thru the whole process.


If they use robots then i am cancelling my orders, i am against robot labor, just like the hippies are against fish oil


What if they lubricate the robots with fish oil?


I would be happy if they just sent us some Soylent.


We tried to take video/pictures of the manufacturing facility when we visited awhile back, but they don’t allow any documentation of their equipment.

It’s a pretty automated process, and also doesn’t really require any cutting-edge tech – pretty much a bunch of industrial blenders, and the associated machinery to pack and seal the individual packages. The testing is done in the applications lab, which looks like a combination between a suburban kitchen and a university chemistry lab.